"Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted."

-Albert Einstein

The National Residence Hall Honorary welcomes all members of the Cornell Community to nominate each other's contributions to Cornell College for one or more of the following categories:


Who stepped up into a leadership role this past block? Who was there to lend a helping hand in class or on the field? Did your RA endure a more-difficult-than-usual block? Who is the go-getter of your organization? Think of students, the natural-born leaders and the unsung heroes, who deserve to be recognized this block.

Residential Community

Our residence halls are vibrant communities where learning comes to life. Which residential communities stood out this block in their impact of campus or support of each other? Is there a floor in a residence hall that crafts a welcoming environment and seeks to include others? Show your support for their community's actions by highlighting their accomplishments with a nomination. 


With over 100 student organizations, there is never a dull moment on campus. Consider the organizations that made a positive impact this past block. What was the best social, educational, or diversity program you attended? Which group would you like to see applauded for their outstanding efforts and teamwork?


Student organizations, departments and offices across our campus are consistently offering great programming. Did you attend a stellar program this block or host one that you think is deserving of an OTB Award? Nominate a program of the block and show your appreciation for its impact and presenters.  

Staff & Faculty

There are many staff and faculty members who help make Cornell the great community that it is. Think of the individuals working for dining services, maintenance, and cleaning services who put a smile on your face, know you by name, and always go above and beyond their call of duty. Did the advisor of your student organization really help pull the group together this block? Do you know a professor or colleague that make their subject come alive with their knowledge, passion and care for their students? Know a colleague that always puts time and effort into their position and consistently goes above and beyond? Nominate a staff/faculty member and let them know how much you appreciate their work.

Submit your nominations now!

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