The Appropriation By-Laws have been established to oversee proper organization in the process of funding student programs and distributing NRHH funds as well as define the parameters in which these funds can be used. 

Basic Funding Requirements

  • NRHH will not fund any events that have occurred or have been advertised prior to their approval. 
  • Group or individual sponsors are solely responsible for advertising of their events.
  • In order for groups to receive funding from NRHH, they must have an approved and current constitution on file with NRHH.
  • NRHH will only approve funds for an activity deemed by NRHH to be adequately planned and organized.
  • Groups seeking funds from NRHH must demonstrate to NRHH that they have made an effort to find the lowest cost.
  • A representative of the group requesting funds must attend the NRHH meeting at which the request is being presented.  The representative may not be a member of NRHH.
  • Individuals not sponsored by a Hall Council requesting funds must be able to demonstrate departmental support by having a faculty or staff member write a statement demonstrating support for this student.

Conferences and Trips

  • NRHH may fund only leadership or programming associated conferences.  NRHH may fund transportation for people to attend such conferences.  The maximum amount for grounded transportation is to be set according to the College's policy on college-owned and privately-owned vehicles. 
  • NRHH can request the group or individual report back to NRHH or any other appropriate body if NRHH stipulates as such.  The procedure for reporting is as follows:
  • Explain how they can utilize their experiences to benefit the campus.
  • Present at the NRHH meeting a summary of activities at the conference, and a plan for implementation of any ideas acquired there.  Groups are responsible for contacting the President about the presentation of such a summary.
  • NRHH may provide funding for lodging in the lesser of the following amounts:
  • $250.00 per night, or
  • $25.00 per student per night with a minimum of $50.00 per room per night
  • Any group with the consent of NRHH may exceed the above-mentioned limits occasionally so long as the average cost of the hotel expenses for the entire year for that group is equal to or below these limits.
  • Failure to comply with this section may result in the individual or group being ineligible to receive similar funds in the current or subsequent year.
  • NRHH funding for trips and conferences may be supplemental and not completely cover all the costs of the trip.

Speakers, Performers, Etc.

  • In the event that a group or individual requesting funds spends for $600 or greater in order to bring an individual or group to campus to perform any service (speaking, performance, etc.), that group or individual shall request a 1099 reporting form from Business Services no later than two weeks before the date of the engagement unless such individuals or groups are contracted through a management firm or agency.  The completed 1099 reporting form must be submitted to the Cashier's Window no later than two business days after the engagement.  This is necessary to be compliant with federal laws. 
  • No group or individual may contract any service without an approved appropriations request.  Groups and individuals cannot request an early review of their budget request for the upcoming academic year in order to receive permission to contract services in advance.
  • Should a group or individual not abide by this section, the President, with the approval of the other four members of the Executive Board of NRHH, may prohibit the group or individual from receiving further funds from NRHH in the current academic year.

Equipment and Materials

  • NRHH may fund the purchase of equipment that will remain with the residence hall over a period of time. 
  • Any residence hall with the possession of equipment purchased with NRHH funds must keep a full inventory of these items and submit this inventory to the Treasurer of NRHH to be stored in NRHH files.  All equipment must be accounted for at the end of the year and placed in the Resident Assistant box for storage over the summer months.  A list of stolen or missing items must be submitted at the end of each academic year.
  • If a residence hall wishes to dispose of unused or obsolete equipment, the Treasurer of NRHH must first approve the sale of any item and the allocation of any subsequently generated funds.  Sale or disposal of equipment prior to approval will be considered a misuse of residence hall property and may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Materials used by residence halls that are defined as consumable supplies will be reported with equipment inventories as long as they are still available.


  • Fundraising money is defined as any funds from a non-NRHH source such as donations, fundraising projects, or profits from products sold. 
  • NRHH encourages fundraising by individuals and groups requesting NRHH funds, as NRHH is not meant to be a sole source of financial support.
  • Hall Councils are responsible for reporting fundraising totals to the Treasurer of NRHH as well as Business Services.
  • Hall Councils have ultimate control over money fundraised by their group.

NRHH Programs

  • NRHH may award prizes for NRHH-sponsored and NRHH co-sponsored contests and programs.  This includes, but is not limited to, awarding money to Hall Councils for contests among residence halls.

Funding Restrictions

  • NRHH funded groups may not charge a fee for rental of their equipment.  The individual who checks out the equipment is responsible for loss or damage incurred while the equipment is checked out.
  • NRHH will not consider funding for the purchase of clothing apparel unless it is to be used for special projects subject to approval by NRHH.
  • No NRHH money will be awarded as a cash prize by any group.  Gift certificates must be pre-approved by NRHH.
  • Films that are purchased with NRHH money by Hall Councils must be placed in the Resident Assistant box for resident use in the hall.  Films that are purchased with NRHH money by non-Hall Council groups must be placed in the Cornell library or the Thomas Commons Information Desk for public use.  Therefore, all films being placed in the library must be pre-approved by the College Librarian before purchase.  All films being placed at the Thomas Commons Information Desk must be approved by the Director of Student Activities.  All licensing requirements must be met and fulfilled regarding the rental or purchase of any films funded by NRHH.
  • NRHH funds may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages unless the organization making the request for funding provides with their request the endorsement of the Dean of Students, Dean of the College, or President of the College. 
  • Any deviation from approved budget requests by NRHH to any group or individual must be approved by NRHH.  If deviations are made without the approval of NRHH, they may be considered mismanagement of funds, and the matter may be turned over to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.
  • NRHH funds may not be used to pay Cornell College student performers.
  • NRHH will not provide funding for activities that would offer or result in the receipt of academic credit, award, or distinction. 
  • NRHH will not appropriate funds to groups with the purpose of gifts or donations.  NRHH reserves the right to donate money in the name of Cornell College Residence Life.


  • All groups funded by NRHH are responsible for maintaining accurate financial records.  This includes holding budgets, ledgers, and receipts during the academic year and turning them in to the NRHH Treasurer at the end of each academic year. 
  • NRHH reserves the right to examine, at any time, all records for any NRHH funded expenses.  If discrepancies are found, NRHH also reserves the right to turn the matter over to the Dean of Students for investigation.  NRHH reserves the right to audit Hall Councils at any time, headed by the Treasurer of NRHH.
  • Each hall's funds will be forwarded at the end of the academic year to the respective hall's budget the following academic year.  Any NRHH funds not used by other groups and/or individuals will be placed in the following year's NRHH budget.
  • All groups funded by NRHH are responsible to update their constitutions every two years as well as receive a majority vote of acceptance by the active NRHH members in order to receive NRHH funds.

Annual Budget Process

Fall Budget Allocation Process

  • NRHH will allocate budgets to the Hall Councils based on the capacity of the residence hall.  Each Hall Council will receive $5.00 per person up to the possible capacity of the hall.  NRHH reserves the right to alter the amount per person allocated by a 2/3 vote of the active members.
  • The previous year's funds for each hall will be placed in the respective Hall Council's budget for the academic year.


  • NRHH acknowledges that opportunities for events or activities can emerge spontaneously at a time when it is not possible for the established appropriations procedures to be followed.  Requests for the funding of such activities may be approved if they meet the following criteria:
  • The genesis of the event and the event itself occur between NRHH meetings.
  • The groups or activity requesting funds must submit a request to the Treasurer stating why the event cannot have been approved through regular procedure, and
  • Groups requesting funds can prove that they did not know about the event in time to follow normal request procedure.  If the request is $50 or less, the Treasurer may approve the request unilaterally.  If the request is more than $50, the five executive officers must all concur that the request should be approved. 
  • If requests are approved through the exceptions procedure, the Treasurer will announce the approval at the next NRHH meeting.


  • If a Hall Council is found to be in violation of the NRHH Constitution, these By-Laws, or other stipulations and requests made by NRHH or Residence Life, the following consequences may occur at the discretion of the Executive Board of NRHH.
  • Freezing of funds:  the Treasurer would instruct Business Services not to approve any transactions after a said date, but will honor outstanding checks and debts already incurred by the offending hall council.
  • Groups may be placed under review and may be susceptible to a loss of future funding up to one full year.

Temporary Override of this Document

  • Any provision of this by-law document may be temporarily overridden for a specific duration given a 2/3 majority vote of the active members of NRHH.