2016 Summer Research Projects

The summer of 2016 had 40 students and 23 faculty members collaborating on intensive research projects across a wide range of disciplines.  The 10-week Cornell Summer Research Institute paired collaborative student-faculty research projects and a living-learning community where students learned about each others’ work and participated in additional programming that helps them prepare for careers and grad school post-Cornell.

“The Cornell Summer Research Institute provides students with the opportunity to conduct independent research in their area of interest. In the process, the students develop additional skills that CEOs and managers uniformly highlight as essential for the college graduates they employ,” said Cornell College Professor of Geology and Associate Dean Ben Greenstein, who directs the institute. “Institute programming over the 10-week interval allows students to realize the connections between the skills they are developing and their postgraduate careers.”

The 2016 summer research institute projects were:

Exploring Plasma Structures Surrounding Newly Formed Massive Stars in Star Forming Regions

Faculty Researcher: Kara Beauchamp, Professor of Physics and Engineering
Student Researcher: Cole Horan '18

Focuses on the Management of Carbohydrate Resources in the Yeast, S. Cerevisae

Faculty Researcher: Jeffrey Cardon, Professor of Biology and Chemistry
Student Researcher: Brett Krull '17

Quantifying Time-Averaging in Tropical Seagrass Beds Using Amino Acid Racemization (AAR)

Faculty Researcher: Kelsey Fesler, Visiting Assistant Professor in Paleontology and Sedimentology
Student Researcher: John Lewis '17

Re-publication of Winifred Mayne Van Etten's I am the Fox and Her Stories from The Husk

Faculty Researcher: Leslie Hankins, Professor of English
Student Researcher: Sydney Pratt '19

NMR Studies of Structural Changes in Solvatochromic Molecules

Faculty Researcher: Charles Liberko, Professor of Chemistry
Student Researchers: Andrea Corbet '17

Controlling Androids for an Acoustic Phased Array and Large Video Display

Faculty Researcher: Lyle Lichty, Professor of Physics and Engineering
Student Researcher: Simon Fink '17

Hans Jürgen Syberberg’s Response to Germany’s Cultural and Political History

Faculty Researcher: James Martin, L.L. Hamline Professor of Liberal Arts
Student Researcher: Dale Dellimore '19

Growth, Survival, and Habitat Use by Hatchling and Juvenile Ornate Box Turtles

Faculty Researcher: Andy McCollum, Professor of Biology
Student Researchers: Kelly Mickael '18, Julia Eastham '19

Measuring the Impact of Resveratrol, 1-Octanol, and their Metabolites on Protein Function

Faculty Researcher: Jai Shanata, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Student Researchers: MariKate Murphy '18, Aidan Litt '19. Jennifer Aguayo '18

Digital Map and Visual-Audio Tour of Cornell’s Historic Campus: Public History and the Digital Humanities, One Historic Campus Building at a Time

Faculty Researcher: Catherine Stewart, Professor of History, Richard and Norma Small Distinguished Professor
Student Researchers: Brad Kane '18, Hannah Robertson '18

Patterns of Millepore-Symbiodinium Associations at Two Caribbean Locations: San Salvador, The Bahamas and South Water Caye Belize

Faculty Researcher: Craig Tepper, Professor of Biology
Student Researchers: Alex Place '17, Glorisette Santiago-Rivera '17, Winfield Miller, '17

Privacy Interfaces for Remote Presence Systems

Faculty Researcher: Ross Sowell, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Student Researchers: Jeff Klow '17, Jordan Proby '19

The Role of Prairie Remnants in the Population Biology of Monarch Butterflies

Faculty Researcher: Tammy Mildenstein, Assistant Professor of Biology
Student Researchers: Camden Grunderman '19, Baley Good '18. Marin Dettweiler '19, Belou Quimby '19

Research and Development of Digital Games for (French) Language Retention and Practice

Faculty Researcher: Devan Baty. Associate Professor of French
Student Researcher: Kat Sayrs '17

Imagining Ancient Corinth and Interactive Digital Latin Reader

Faculty Researcher: John Gruber-Miller, Edwin R. and Mary E. Mason Professor of Languages
Student Researcher: Caitlin Conlon '17

Digital Exhibition of Cornell's Sonnenshein Collection

Faculty Researcher: Chris Penn-Goetsch, Professor of Art History
Student Researchers: Jessica Meis '19, Steven Coburn '19

Improving Eating Disorder Prevention and Treatment via the Development of an Enhanced Dissonance-Based Paradigm

Faculty Researcher: Melinda Green, Associate Professor of Psychology; Ringer Distinguished Professor
Student Researcher: Abby Herrick '17

Cellular Automata Cluster

Faculty Researchers: Tyler Skorczewski, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics; Jim Freeman, Professor of Mathematics; Stephen Bean, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Student Researchers: Sam Cieszynski '19. Nate Dwyer '19, Collin Smith '18