After Cornell

Value for a Lifetime

It’s important to determine which college is the right fit for you and how much your education will cost. Even more important is understanding which school will give you the absolute best value for your money.

Meet our alumni

Harper Reed '01

Leader of the geek pack

Harper Reed ’01 has been called an “uber-hipster and tech rebel” and gained widespread acclaim for his work as chief technology officer of Obama for America. After the election, he began planning his new startup, Modest, Inc.

Jennifer Knox '14

From Tolkien to Oxford via Cornell

Reading C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien led to Jennifer Knox’s childhood dream: Attending Oxford University in England. Her Cornell College experience led directly to acceptance in Oxford’s prestigious graduate international relations program.

Why the liberal arts

Employers who have worked with Cornell College graduates know that Cornellians are resourceful, flexible, and capable professionals. Cornell College students learn how to present and write effectively, to juggle an ever-changing workload, and to respond to challenges.

Eric Sudol '03
“Without this well-rounded education, I never would have thought of graduate school, and without it, I never would have found my passion of working in the sports industry. I would not have been able to walk into an executive’s office with confidence and the business acumen to secure suites or sponsorship revenue for the Dallas Cowboys. The genesis was Cornell College.”

Eric Sudol ’03 is the director of Sponsorship Sales for the Dallas Cowboys, and has worked with professional sports teams, including the Cowboys and the Memphis Grizzlies, since 2005.