First Things First

Before you do anything, make an appointment with the Office of International & Off-Campus Studies!

Getting approved

If you plan to study through an unaffiliated program, you must apply for admittance to the institution or program for which you wish to study directly, and adhere to the deadlines of your chosen program. You must also complete and submit an Academic Leave of Absence form to the International and Off-Campus Studies Office at least 90 days prior to the start date of your program.

Unaffiliated Program Application

The Unaffiliated Program Application must be filled out by any student wishing to attend a program that is NOT on Cornell's list of affiliated programs. You may find an official list of approved domestic and international programs in the academic catalogue. Additionally, students who wish to study off-campus (on any program) but were not approved for Off-Campus Study by the Academic Standing Committee may use this form. Please note that this form is a petition for an Academic Leave of Absence. Your financial aid will not transfer under an Academic Leave of Absence but you may be eligible to have any Federal and State aid applied to the program costs.

Before you leave

The Office of International and Off-Campus Studies requires release and health information forms for all students studying off-campus. Due dates for these forms are typically provided by either the faculty member in charge of the course or the Program Coordinator in the Office of International and Off-Campus Studies. Please note that failure to turn in this information may result in removal of the program and/or the inability of Cornell College's off-campus insurance policy to provide coverage for the student. 

Student Waiver/Emergency Contact Form (Cornell Courses)

The Student Waiver/Emergency Contact Form is required by all students studying off-campus on a Cornell College course.

Student Waiver (Non-Cornell Programs)

This Student Waiver Form is required by all students studying off-campus on any program that is not a Cornell College course. This includes all exchange, affiliated and non-affiliated program participants.

Other forms

Petition for Transfer of Credit

Many students will need to submit Petitions for Transfer of Credit for their off-campus study programs. When petitioning for credit, one form must be completed for the department issuing credit for each credit a student wishes to bring back to Cornell.