Step 1:

Whether you've been taking courses off-campus for years or are starting to plan a new international course, check out the handbook for information on logistics, pre- and post- departure activities, emergency procedures and more.

Updated November 2015

Off-Campus Handbook for Faculty

Updated June 2014

Additional Information for Off-Campus Faculty

Includes important information on insurance, emergency procedures, and more.

Step 2:

Off-Campus Course Proposal Form

All off-campus courses, including previously offered courses, must be proposed using this form.  The form is initially sent out in the fall of the proceeding year the course is to be offered.  Course proposal forms are due October 1st, 2015.

Step 3:

Work with our office to plan the logistics of your course. 

Field Trips vs. Off-Campus Trips vs. Off-Campus Courses   This chart helps to explain the differences between field trips, off-campus trips, and off-campus courses. 

Pack-out Order Form Use this form to order box lunches for field trips or (if appropriate) for the first travel day of an off-campus trip/course. The form should be sent to Jennifer Howell at Bon Apetite.

Step 4:

The following forms are useful while in-country:

Incident Reporting

Students who are participating in Cornell College off-campus courses are subject to College policies as described in the Compass and Catalogue.  Faculty who wish to report problematic student behavior, or who have questions regarding student behavior and policies, should contact the Dean of Students, or for academic issues, the Registrar.

Insurance Information  Students and faculty traveling on Cornell-sponsored course trips are covered by a supplemental plan through EIIA/Frontier MEDEX.  EIIA Foreign Travel Insurance PowerPoint

Faculty Insurance/Emergency Contact Information Form Information that may be used by the Office of International and Off-Campus Studies in case of a medical emergency involving a course instructor.

Step 5:

Off-Campus Course Faculty Final Report

To be completed within 30 days of the end of all off-campus courses. This information is essential to assisting the Office of International & Off-Campus Study to plan and coordinate future courses.  It is also helpful for faculty members teaching off-campus courses for the first time.


US Department of State Travel Division - How do students apply for passports? Where are the US consulates in India? What countries currently have DoS travel warnings? All of this information and more can be found on the DoS website.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) - Airport regulations are changing daily; keep up with the latest rules and tips from the TSA.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Get up-to-date information about immunizations and other health information by country. Questions about health risks at your destination? Contact the Health Center for more information.