Rental Vehicles

The Office of International & Off-Campus Studies is responsible for communicating faculty car rental requests to Budget Car Rental of Cedar Rapids. Faculty may request a rental vehicle by filling out a Request for Vehicle Rental (OCS Version) form and submitting it to Kimberly Cullen (x4385).

You will receive a confirmation of your rental within two business days of your request to the Office.  The email will request that you download and keep copies of of the following two forms in each rental vehicle for the duration of the trip:

Please note the times listed in your confirmation email as these are the times which should be used when filling out the Budget Car Rental form provided by the Info Desk with the rental keys.  If you obtain a rental the day before for an early or weekend departure do not record this information on the rental sheet or your department may be charged for the extra day(s). 

The Office of International & Off-Campus Studies must have a valid copy of a driver's license for any person who plans to operate a vehicle rented through the office.  All drivers must be at least 20 years of age. 


Rental keys are available for pick-up and drop-off at the Thomas Commons Information Desk.  Keys for vehicles departing over the weekend or before 8am on weekdays may be picked up after 4pm on the business day prior to departure.  Otherwise, keys should be picked up on the date of departure.  Keys should be returned to the Info Desk during business hours only.  For people returning vehicles after the Info Desk has closed, return the keys by 9:30am the following day.  Click here for Thomas Commons Info Desk Hours.

Vehicle Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Vehicles will be available for pick-up and drop-off at Facilities Management, just south of campus at 521 7th Ave SW. If you are renting a 12- or 15-Passenger Van be aware that there is a spare tire located outside of the van. You should check this tire before you leave and each time you arrive back at the vehicle. If you find the tire has been stolen please contact Kimberly Cullen (x4385) ASAP. 

All rental vehicles must be returned with a full tank of gas. Any fees associated with returning a vehicle with less than a full tank of gas will be charged to the faculty member's department. Gas cards are available from the Information Desk in the Commons. Gas cards and receipts with the faculty member's name and course trip indicated should be returned to the Information Desk. Note:  Some rental vehicles have E-85 gas caps but do not require E-85 gasoline. 

Field Trips

If given prior notice of the trip, the Office of International & Off-Campus Studies will cover appropriate costs for field trips. 

  • If traveling more than 100miles/day it is recommended that a vehicle be rented instead of using a personal vehicle.  If a personal vehicle is used when traveling more than 100miles/day, reimbursement will be made at only $.18/mile.  If a personal vehicle is used when traveling less than 100miles/day, reimbursement will be made at the IRS rate per mile (announced each time the IRS rate changes). 
  • Students will be reimbursed at $0.28/mile.
  • Students may only provide field trip transportation for other students if proof of insurance, registration and a valid driver license is provided to the office prior to departure.
  • Rentals for field trips are not to exceed two days. This does not mean that the Field Trip budget will cover up to two days of any trip but that trips longer than two days should be funded entirely by other sources (other departmental budgets, grants, and/or student payments).    
  • Gas (not purchased on college credit cards), tolls and parking costs will only be reimbursed when receipts are provided. 
  • Gas cards are available in the office for use with rental vehicles only.Receipts must be submitted for all purchases. Please indicate your name, the destination and reason for travel on the receipt.  Charges made on gas credit cards for which no receipts are provided will not be paid for by the Field Trip budget.

Mechanical Trouble

If you should encounter mechanical trouble with any rental [printable version]:

1. First call Budget Rental in Cedar Rapids (319) 294-8400 -  Budget Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday 8am-4pm, Closed Sunday

2. If Budget Rental in Cedar Rapids is closed take the vehicle to the nearest dealership of the make of the rental vehicle.  (e.g.: A Chevy van would be taken to the Chevy Dealership)  Budget vehicles are under warranty and the dealership should be able to establish the warranty with the VIN number.

3. If a dealership is unavailable due to location or time call Budget Roadside Assistance at 1-800-354-2847. They should be able to provide another vehicle for you. Make sure that they know you rented your vehicle from Budget in Cedar Rapids which is privately owned and has no records in the corporate system.

The full policy on Business Expense Reimbursement is available from Business Services