The following off-campus courses will be offered in the 2010-2011 academic year.  Follow the links for course descriptions, costs, and additional information. Please contact the Off-campus Studies office for further information.

The Berry Center also frequently sponsors courses that spend time away from campus. And students can pursue semester-long programs abroad and a wide range of domestic and international internship opportunities.

United States

Block 1
Ecology (BIO 321)
Wilderness Field Station, Northern Minnesota | Andy McCollum
Course information
Wilderness Politics (POL 371)
Wilderness Field Station, Northern Minnesota | Craig Allin
Course information
Modern American Literature (ENG 347)
Wilderness Field Station, Northern Minnesota | Leslie Hankins
Course information
Block 8
Renaissance Drama: Shakespeare's Rivals (ENG 322)
Newberry Library, Chicago | Katy Stavreva
Block 9
Cultural Crossroads in the Ancient World: Egypt, Greece, and Persia (CLA 279)
Chicago | Philip Venticinque
Course information
Families in Social Context (SOC 273)
Chicago | Erin Davis
Community (SOC 314)
Chicago | Tori Barnes-Brus

Latin America & West Indies

Block 2
Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Abroad (SPA 303)
Argentina | Carol Lacy-Salazar
Course information
Block 6
Biological Problems (BIO/BMB 485)
Gerace Research Centre, Bahamas | Craig Tepper
Block 9
Macroeconomics Seminar: The Determinants of Wealth and Poverty (ECB 321)
Uruguay | Todd Knoop
Course information


Block 7
Rome Reborn: Imperialism in the Renaissance (ART 375)
Italy | Christina Penn-Goetsch
Intermediate/Advanced French Abroad (FRE 206/302)
France | Devan Baty
Course information
Block 9
Greek Archaeology (CLA 381)
Greece | John Gruber-Miller
Course information


Block 3
Namaste: Mysticism, Meditation and Servant Leadership in India (REL 368)
India | Catherine Quehl-Engel
Block 9
Religions of China and Japan (REL 327)
Mongolia | Steven Sacks
Course information

Africa & Middle East

No courses offered in 2010 - 2011

Australia & New Zealand

No courses offered in 2010 - 2011