Mail is metered throughout the day and leaves campus at 3:00PM daily with the exception of United States Postal Holidays.

Metered mail should be prepared for processing by stacking envelopes in the SAME direction. If envelopes need to be sealed, you MUST have all flaps in the open position. DO NOT INTERGATE CAMPUS MAIL, STAMPED MAIL, or "POSTAGE NECESSARY MAIL" INTO YOUR METERED MAIL STACK. If we do not catch this error before processing, you will pay the postage cost when it is not needed.

Please separate your metered mail according to each CLASSIFICATION. If you have FOREIGN MAIL (airmail) mixed in with US Mail and it goes through unnoticed, your foreign mail will be returned for insufficient postage. ALWAYS mark the most descriptive classification. The maximum weight for ANY package is 70 pounds through the US Post Office.

Addressing for Success

For fastest delivery of outgoing mail:

  • Type or machine-print all address information
  • Make sure print is clear and sharp
  • Ensure address characters don't touch or overlap
  • Black ink on a white background is best
  • Maintain a uniform left margin
  • Use upper-case letters
  • Omit all punctuation
  • Include floor, suite, and apartment numbers whenever possible
  • Put the city, state, and Zip Code or ZIP + 4 code in that order on the last line. If there's not enough room, you can put the Zip Code or the ZIP + 4 code alone on the bottom line.
  • Use standard two-letter state abbreviations
  • When using window envelopes, make sure the complete address is always visible, even when the insert moves.

Various Classes of Mail and USPS Special Services


  • First Class Mail
    • Any mailable matter may be mailed as First Class Mail. Use First Class Mail for letters, postcards, greeting cards, personal notes, and for sending checks and money orders.
  • Priority Mail
    • All First Class Mail exceeding 11 oz. and not exceeding 70 pounds is considered priority mail with the US Post Office. The mailer has the option of sending mail weighing 11 oz. or less as Priority Mail. There is not minimum weight limitations.
    • NOTE: Priority Mail is a 2-3 day service that is NOT guaranteed.
  • Third Class Mail
    • Usually considered printed matter, pamphlets, catalogs, newsletters, and merchandise weighing less than 16 oz. and meeting the minimum size standards. Third Class Mail may be sent by single piece or bulk rates.
    • This source may take up to two weeks for coast-to-coast delivery, depending upon transportation availability. For faster delivery, use Priority Mail or Express Mail services.
  • Special Services
    • Certified Mail
      • provides you with a mailing receipt and a record of delivery is maintained at the recipient's post office for two years. A return receipt provides you with proof of delivery and can be obtained for an additional fee. Certified Mail service is available for First Class Mail only. No insurance coverage is provided. A numbered label and completed receipt must be affixed. You can obtain these labels from the Mail Center.
    • Registered Mail
      • service can only be provided through a US Post Office. Please contact them for more information.
    • Insured Mail
      • allows you to obtain payment for domestic mail that has been lost, rifled, or damaged.
    • Return Receipt
      • is your proof of delivery. It is available for Insured Mail, and with Certified, Registered, and Domestic Express Mail shipments. Be certain to identify your mail box and department name on any return receipts so we can route them back to you.
    • International Mail
      • Most items are mailable to foreign countries. A customs form is required on all packages. The last line of any foreign address should be the country spelled out in capital letters, in English.

Personal Mail - Incoming and Outgoing

  • Outgoing Personal Mail
    • Outgoing Personal Mail is handled along with college mail. All personal packages sent from the Cornell College address must have the Cornell College return.
  • Incoming Personal Mail
    • Faculty and Staff should not receive personal mail of any kind. The Mail and Service Center and Receiving Department have the right to refuse delivery of any personal packages.

Overnight Carriers

We use UPS and US Postal Service as our overnight couriers. Please note that only US Postal Service can deliver mail to Post Office Boxes.

Envelopes, Packaging, and Courier Selection

  • Envelopes
    • The various couriers supply us with envelopes and some boxes. We stock many sizes of boxes. Pricing of the courier services are many times linked to the size of the envelopes.
    • Individual envelopes are sold at the Bookstore.
  • Courier Selection
    • Selection of Couriers depends on several factors:
      • Delivery destination and time really needed. [65% of overnight mail doesn't need to be at the destination at a specific time, just next or second day, anytime.]
      • Selection also depends on whether destination is local area, state area, regional area, national, or international.
      • All couriers (with a few exceptions) offer: Next Morning, By Noon, Afternoon (By 3PM or 5PM), and Second Business Day.
      • Each of these service levels have different price schedules and NOT ALL couriers go to all places within the same time frame.
      • NOTE: To conserve costs, do not use overnight service on Friday. Consider Priority USPS for Monday delivery. Should you consider a Saturday service, determine if anyone is going to be at the delivery destination. Consider signature waiver to be sure the item is left by drivers.