Cornell students have a unique opportunity to attend the long-established fall semester program directed by Lake Forest College, which includes intensive advanced language instruction, an advanced seminar in French culture and civilization, and an internship within one of a wide variety of fields. Students are housed with French families, permitting daily immersion in everyday French language and life in the exciting capital city. Go to the Lake Forest College Web site to get more detailed information.

Students must have successfully completed a 300-level French course and have junior/senior status at the time of their participation in the program, a B- average, and a solid background in their major field. A phone interview with Lake Forest College Paris Program Chair in early February and review of materials by the Lake Forest Paris committee will determine acceptance in the program.  Cornell makes applying for this program as easy as possible: students turn in their applications and supporting documents to the Office of Off-Campus Studies, which will verify information and forward the documents on to Lake Forest College.

However, acceptance into the Lake Forest College Paris Program does not guarantee approval for off-campus study by the Cornell College Off-Campus Studies Office.  Students must follow the standard procedures and deadlines for application for off-campus study at Cornell College. For more details regarding Cornell College's standard procedures for billing and financial aid for off-campus study, students should consult the Office of Off-Campus Studies.  For more details about their individual aid packages, students must contact the Financial Aid Office.

Cornell students are also responsible for the costs of their airfare, passport, visa (@$150), international student ID ($22), local transportation, books, phone cards, lunches, some out-of-class museum visits and other incidentals. Students earn four Cornell course credits if their performance is satisfactory. Students must request an official transcript from the Registrar at Lake Forest College after the program for transfer of credit to Cornell College.


  • Pick up an Off-Campus Study application from the Office of Off-Campus Studies, fill it out, and return it with all Lake Forest STAGE 1 Documents to the Office of Off-Campus Studies by November 15. You will be informed soon after about your eligibility for the Lake Forest program.

  • All Lake Forest required forms (STAGE 1, STAGE 2, PARIS APPLICATION, PARIS RECOMMENDATION FORMS) are available for downloading from the Lake Forest Web site

  • Once your eligibility for the program has been determined, STAGE 2 documents, including the PARIS APPLICATION form must be turned into the Office of Off-Campus Studies by January 20.

  • Cornell will forward the applications of those students approved by Cornell to take their financial aid off-campus to Lake Forest College. Lake Forest College will then let you know soon after February 1 if you have been accepted and you will be contacted to schedule a phone interview.