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Program Overview

Majors and Programs: Elementary Education &  Secondary Education

We offer a major in elementary education and coursework leading to  secondary certification through our Teacher Education Program. Our program is designed to meet the teacher certification requirements for the State of Iowa in 32 endorsement areas. In addition, we also assist students in meeting the requirements of other states. 

Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) or Bachelor of Special Studies (B.S.S.) degree in our program.  See the academic catalogue for details.

Careers in education

Students who major in education at Cornell become certified as elementary and/or secondary teachers and are prepared for a wide range of other education-related fields such as school counseling, coaching, and graduate work in education policy, curriculum studies, psychology, social work, and other social science fields. The education curriculum is grounded in the liberal arts.  Studying education in a liberal arts setting is especially important as the best teachers are those who possess a wide breadth of knowledge and appreciate learning for learning’s sake.

Our students

Our students come from diverse backgrounds. Education majors at Cornell College reflect a wide spectrum of geographic, cultural, socioeconomic, and racial demographics. We value the diversity our students bring to the program and appreciate the unique perspectives they bring to the classroom.

One Course At A Time

Thanks to our small classes and One Course At A Time schedule, students spend a great deal of time with one another and with their faculty members. The strong interpersonal component of our program allows students to develop their own unique teaching styles and philosophies.