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Unlike many colleges, we allow students to integrate the two fields of economics and business into a single, unified major. Economics is the study of decision-making broadly, at the level of nation-states down to the individual level. By contrast, business classes at Cornell focus on managerial and financial decision-making. By emphasizing how decisions are made across many settings, this major prepares you not for one specific job, but for a career, for an entire lifetime of jobs.

Students who pursue the economics and business major often find themselves in a variety of careers. According to a 2016 study by PayScale, average mid-career salaries for these positions can be:

  • Business analyst, $59,048
  • Credit analyst, $48,218
  • Financial analyst, $58,022
  • Fund accounting manager, $80,932
  • Loan officer, $44,619
  • Risk analyst, $61,670

Degree options in Economics & Business

  • Economics & Business Major
  • Teaching Major

Business courses are rooted in the liberal arts and take full advantage of Cornell's One Course At A Time curriculum. You will develop skills and experiences that are essential for your first jobs, and for graduate and professional study.

With Cornell’s economics and business major, you will:

  • Learn multiple ways of framing problems, not just bottom-line calculations
  • Develop strong writing, teamwork, and presentation skills in small classrooms
  • Become responsible decision-maker, rooted in a complex understanding of a global community
  • Become career-ready in emerging and high-demand business fields, while gaining solid preparation for nationally recognized business certifications
  • Apply mathematical ideas to a range of social and business problems, frequently using real-world business cases or simulations.

Mentoring and career preparation

Throughout your college career you will work with your advisor to evaluate your academic progress and help determine your ongoing course of study. Your advisor will also push you to engage with the resources offered by the Berry Career Institute where you can get career guidance and find internships and job shadowing opportunities. The institute will also prepare you for graduate school placement exams, interviews, and help identify networking opportunities with alumni in your chosen field.