We are excited about the many ways you can get involved in Spiritual Life at Cornell College. The sampler of program offerings below attests to the breadth and depth of what can be found here.

Cornell students, faculty, and staff represent numerous religious traditions, diverse traditions within Christianity, non-traditional spirituality, and secular perspectives. As a United Methodist affiliated college, Cornell values this diversity as part of the educational experience and strives to build an authentic caring community, mutual appreciation, and respect as we live together amid our religious, cultural, political and other differences. This is one of the many ways we prepare lives for global citizenship, servant leadership, and reconciling virtue in an interdependent, diverse world.

As both a Christian and inter-faith chaplain, Catherine provides caring presence, spiritual guide work, and pastoral care (the 'care of souls') to students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds. This care is offered amid life's unfolding, joys, questioning, and storms; amid fear and wonder; amid the search for purpose, courage, love, healing, connectedness to others and the world, and signs that this universe and our lives (no matter how messy or confusing) are crammed full of meaning and significant worth.

The Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office as well as various student organizations offer numerous opportunities for spiritual growth and expression.  Check out the sampler below and join us!

A sampler of Chaplain & Spiritual Life Offerings:

  • Spiritual Life Interfaith and Christian student leadership positions as well as general involvement 

  • Student Senate recognized faith orgs run by students such as Jewish Student Union, Deep Water, and FCA.  For Catholic Mass and other corporate worship see Off Campus Worship link.

Spiritual Life student leadership or general involvement:

 SOULfriends is an ecumenical gathering of Christians from Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox backgrounds along with seeks who gather with the chaplain for devotional and various compassion based opportunities.  With open minds and hearts we come together for SOULfeast Christian worship, Bible Study & Tea, peace vigils, social justice, service. diversity, and unity events like Meet Me at The Peace Pole.  SOULfriends often partner with the Interfaith Understanding & Exploration arm of Spiritual Life as well as Intercultural Life, Civic Engagement, the Religion Department, Sociology, etc. etc..  Join us! Be love. Be Peace.

Interfaith Understanding & Exploration works with the chaplain to provide programs for personal and spiritual exploration and growth, and social healing through inter-faith education, service, justice, and unity events. We work alongside other groups like Jewish Student Union, SOULfriends,  Intercultural Life, Civic Engagement and others. Our big push this year is Sustained Dialogue. Join us as instruments of healing peace.

If you have any questions about how you can get connected, call Rev. Catherine Quehl-Engel '89 at 319-895-4402 or email her at cquehl-engel@cornellcollege.edu