The decision to continue your education into graduate or professional school is not for everyone. When it comes to continuing your education into graduate or professional school, you must be clear on what field you intend to pursue. You must also determine whether or not continuing your education will provide you with a significant advantage in your career field. 

For students planning on attending graduate or professional school, the Berry Career Institute provides resources for researching schools and potential areas of interest, books and to help with test preparation, and assistance with applications and personal statements.  Below are the items you need to consider when applying to graduate school.

  1. Start thinking about Selecting A Graduate School and consider what type of program you want to be in for your graduate degree.
  2. Once you have narrowed down your schools you want to apply for you will need to start preparing for Graduate School Admission Testing.
  3. After taking your admissions tests, you will need to start working on your application materials and Writing Personal Statements and Essays
  4. After you have submitted your applications and are waiting to make a final decision you will need to consider how you will Finance Graduate Education.