Leaving the College:
A student who is leaving the college permanently must officially withdraw through the Dean of Students Office.

Adjustments to charges as are follows:

  1. If leaving in the first block of a semester, but after Day 3 of the block, a student is charged full room and board for the semester and 1/3 of the semester tuition.
  2. For a student who withdraws after Day 3 of the second block of a semester but before the end of the second block, charges are full room and board as well as 2/3 of the semester tuition charge.
  3. For a student who attends past Day 3 of the third block of any semester, full charges will remain.
  4. If a student has a withdrawal date prior to Day 3 of Block 1, Cornell reserves the right to charge a student's bill for meals eaten while the student has been on campus.

A student should talk to Financial Assistance about changes to their financial aid based on their withdrawal date.

Taking a Leave of Absence:
A leave of absence allows a student to withdraw from Cornell while showing their intent to return.

  1. Leaves are approved through the Dean of Students Office.
  2. The student retains their future class schedule as well as their room assignment.
  3. For financial purposes, federal regulations require that students who are on a leave of absence are treated the same as all students who withdraw from the college. To view the financial impact, please review the section above regarding “Leaving the College”.

Withdrawing From a Course:
A student who is enrolled in a course past Day 3 will be charged for the class. There is no partial charge for a block that is not completed by the student. There is no refund for meals missed if a student withdraws from a course after Day 3.

A student who withdraws prior to Day 3 of the course will have their registration changed to a vacation block for the term.