Meal Refunds

Meal refunds are issued for students who are off campus for educational credit receiving activities.

  1. For students going on Off-Campus courses offered through the college, these refunds are requested by the professor and the Off-Campus Studies Office. There is nothing a student needs to do.
  2. For students who are student teaching off campus, beginning in the 13-14 academic year, student teachers will no longer be reimbursed for meals as they are able to utilize the meal exchange option offered by Bon Appetit.  More information about meal exchange options can be obtained by contacting Bon Appetit.
  3. For students doing an internship or independent project that is being completed off campus, the request form is online through the printable forms ( under “Internship Proposal/Meal Rebate”. This form must be received by the Registrar’s Office by the deadline in order to be eligible, NO LATER THAN THE WEDNESDAY PRECEEDING THE BLOCK A STUDENT WILL BE GONE.

For students who are gone for a vacation block or a non credit earning internship, there is no meal refund available.

If a student does not complete the internship or independent study that made them eligible for a meal refund, the meal refund is charged to the student’s account and is due and payable immediately.