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Program Overview

Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Our interdisciplinary program is designed to prepare students for graduate school or a technical career in biochemistry/molecular biology. The curriculum is drawn from the departments of biology and chemistry, with emphasis on cellular biology, genetics, and biochemistry.

Special attention is given to developing excellent laboratory skills, and Cornell's One Course At A Time (OCAAT) schedule gives us a great deal of flexibility in how we integrate laboratory and classroom learning. In Genetics lab, for example, students are not simply given tasks to perform, but are given the responsibility to choose a problem, design an experiment, analyze the data, and present the results.

Undergraduate Research

Professors in biology and chemistry lead ongoing summer research projects in small, collaborative teams. Students also participate in high-level research through relationships with external programs, and the block plan makes such opportunities feasible even during the school year. 

Health Professions Preparation

The Dimensions program offers students a full range of support in preparing for health-related professions. In addition to research and internship placements, Dimensions provides interdisciplinary courses, guest speakers, workshops, MCAT training, career services, a reading group, and more. Students also have the opportunity to assist with joint replacement surgeries in places like El Salvador and Viet Nam through Operation Walk.