Funding Opportunities for Faculty

The Berry Center offers extraordinary opportunities to faculty as well as to students.  Here are just a few of the opportunities that the Berry Center has funded for faculty as they continue to search for the best and most engaging ways to educate Cornell's students:

Summer research  Professors Santhi Hejeebu (Economics and Business) and Anne Busha (Psychology) have used Berry Center funding to fuel summer research with students.

Off-campus courses  Professors Craig Allin (Politics), Gayle Luck (Education), Chris Conrad (Economics and Business), and Jerry Savitsky (Economics and Business) all took courses off campus during the 2008-2009 academic year.

Course development  Are you interested in developing a course which includes topics in economics, business or public policy?  Funding is not limited to the Economics and Business or Politics departments.

Distinguished visitors  During the 2008-2009 Academic year, the Berry Center brought 14 experts into 17 different courses.

Public speakers With topics ranging from national security to the financial crisis and the benefit of iodine pills in Africa, the Berry Center hosted several public events on current and timely topics.

Contact the Berry Center Associate Director for more information.

Library Donations

The Berry Center donates books relevant to economics, business, and public policy to Cole Library for use by all students, faculty, staff, and the Mount Vernon community.  In the spring of 2009, the Berry Center began funding a subscription to the  New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online.  Additionally, the Berry Center houses a substantial collection of materials in College Hall 218 which is useful for students seeking internships or careers or pursuing graduate study.

Student Recommendations 

If you are a faculty member who is sponsoring a student engaging in a Berry Center-supported internship, independent study project, or academic conference, you will find the on-line recommendation forms below. Please know that student applications will not be considered without a completed faculty recommendation.