Career Planning

The Berry Center collaborates with the Career Engagement Center to assist students with career planning.  The Berry Center contributes to the effort in the following ways:

  • The Berry Center Resource Center (College Hall 216) houses many publications that guide students through the career planning process.
  • The Berry Center staff is available to help students identify and evaluate options for jobs and internships, complete applications, and prepare for interviews.
  • The Berry Center hosts “Lunch and Learn” conversations which enable students to interact with visiting professionals (often Cornell alumni) to discuss career options and the post-graduation experience. Click here to read more about the Berry Center "Lunch and Learn" program.

Graduate Study

The Berry Center seeks to support student interest in graduate study, particularly MBA programs, and helps students evaluate their graduate study options and negotiate the graduate school admissions process.

The Berry Center assists student preparation for graduate study in the following ways:

Graduate Study
  • Supports visits by our students to graduate schools in the Midwest
  • Hosts presentations by admissions counselors from regional institutions
  • Helps students prepare for the GMAT exam by organizing preparation sessions offered by Cornell staff members. Click here for information about GMAT prep sessions at Cornell College
  • Assists students through the application process, including reviews of application materials
  • Provides information on graduate study opportunities through the Berry Center Resource Center

For more information about graduate study,
please contact the Associate Director of the Berry Center.