Program overview

Students may develop an individualized major in Archaeology by following the guidelines for planning a major.

The archaeology program at Cornell is highly flexible and intentionally multi-disciplinary. It includes a set of core courses in anthropology, the sciences, and language study.  It also includes several options for investigating themes of time and place, along with a choice of electives and a senior thesis project.

For students intending to attend graduate school in archaeology, we also recommended completing an additional major or minor in a related discipline, such as anthropology, art history, classical studies, geology, history, religion, or Spanish.

Off-campus study & State Archaeologist

Cornell's One Course at a Time curriculum affords many immersion experiences that allow students to delve deeply into the subject matter. One way we do this is through block-long, off-campus courses to places like Greece and Rome.

We also maintain a strong relationship with Iowa State Archaeologist John Doershuk, who teaches Intro to Archaeological Field Methods and other courses at Cornell, and who frequently extends research opportunities to our students through his lab at the University of Iowa.