Hometown: Appleton, Wis.

About Me:  I graduated from Cornell College in 2011 with B.A. degrees in psychology and sociology. At Cornell, I participated in new student orientation (NSO) for two years as well as traveled abroad with a class to Japan. I love watching movies with my family and friends as well as traveling. I am determined to visit all 50 states.

One place I recommend students visit on campus:  I recommend taking a walk around the campus. You will see students hanging out or doing homework at the amphitheater in the fall and spring, stroll down the ped mall and look at the beautiful Iowa scenery, and take a look at Ink Pond. There are also a number of benches and swing chairs to sit and relax on.

What I can do for you:  I am excited by the opportunity to meet new students and answer any questions about Cornell or the application process. Feel free to contact me at any point and ask as many questions about Cornell that will help you make the right decision for your college career.