Cornell College Commemorative Trees Readme page

This page explains a bit about the program and the data entry for the trees table in the commemorative_trees database.

There are two (2) versions of the popup possible the current, short version (run with the buildShortPopUp function) or a long version (run with the buildPopUp function). The short version shows 5 fields: Tree Id, Memory of, Tree type, Location and the GPS coordinates.
The long version contains up to 11 fields: Tree Id, Memory of, Given by, Planted, Type, Location, Note, GPS coordinates, Tree thumbnail, Honoree photo, Honoree Bio. The tree thumbnail could be either just a photo or a link to a detailed photo and the honoree photo and or the honoree bio could link to a honoree webpage. We have currently selected to use the short version to help reduce the size of the popup box and thus limiting the overall map size needed.

The popup boxes contain a "More..." link on them which links to a Tree detail page. The tree detail page contains the information and images of the tree. This page is a standard page containing data from the trees table and images from the "\trees\college_trees\images" directory. The tree detail page pull the information from the trees table to display. Current fields displayed are:'tree_id', 'memory_of', given_by', date_planted, 'tree_type', 'location_description', 'latitude' and longitude'.

In addition to the data being pulled from the trees table the page also checks the "w:/html/public/trees/college_trees/images" directory for images associated with the tree_id. The process checks for the association via the image file name. If the "teee_id" is #14 the program looks for any image file where the name starts with 0014. The program assumes that the image is associated with the tree. Thus the image file name is important. The adopted naming convention for this program (four digits followed by a letter) is of the format 0001a.jpg (first image to display for tree_id #1) through 9999z.jpg. The program displays the images for the tree in alpha descending order.
The program looks for jpg image files only so any images to be displayed must be in a jpg image format and have a file extension of jpg.
Some image software heads the header information of the image to automatically rotate the image to the correct orientation, the HTML language doesn't do this. If the image has been store by the camera in landscape to optimize memory that image will need to be re-saved in Adobe Photoshop (simply open the image file then save it back over the same file name). All images have a height of 250 pixels.

Below is information about the tress table in the database.

Field NameData TypeShort PopupLong PopupDetail
Example Data
idint(10) auto_incrementYesYesYesAuto fills with the correct value
longitudevarchar(10)YesYesYes-91.42342 (Longitude is negative when west of Greenwich England)
latitudevarchar(10)YesYesYes41.92500 (Latitude is positive north of the equator.)
tree_typevarchar(100)YesYesYesWhite Oak
memory_ofvarchar(100)YesYesYesIn memory of Jane Doe 37
given_byvarchar(100)NoYesYesJohn 17 and Mary Doe
location_descriptionvarchar(500)YesYesYesNortheast of King Chapel south of the first lamppost
notevarchar(1000)NoYesYesAny special note or description to include in the tree detail page.
thumbnail_imagevarchar(255)NoYesNo (Fires a process to build an anchor link if the "detailed_image" field is filled and the full buildPopUp function is being used)
date_plantedvarchar(50)NoYesYesMay 1952
honoree_imagevarchar(255)NoYesNo (Fires a process to build an anchor link if the "honoree_webpage" field is filled and the full buildPopUp function is being used)
honoree_biovarchar(1000)NoYesNoJane was a dear daughter and beloved sister (Fires a process to build an anchor link if the "honoree_webpage" field is filled and the full buildPopUp function is being used)
tree_webpagevarchar(255)NoNoNoThe use of this field has been preempted by a single standard page