Student prep for their LSAT course.

Cornell's Stoll Program for Law and Society offers a comprehensive LSAT prep course for all students interested in taking theLaw School Admission Test (LSAT). The course runs from Block 4 through Block 8. Sessions are approximately two hours each. The three scored sections of the LSAT are covered as part of the course: reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning. Additionally, the unscored writing sample section of the exam is also reviewed. Students enrolled in the prep course also take three practice LSAT exams using recently released exams from LSAC.

The LSAT prep course is offered at a reduced rate to Cornell students as part of the Stoll Program for Law and Society. Included in the cost of the course are all of the textbook materials and the practice LSAT exams.

Identify your individual areas of strength on the examination

  • Upon completion of the LSAT Prep Course you will have: Identified areas of  improvement needed

  • Developed strategies to build upon your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

  • Become more comfortable with the overall content and structure of the LSAT

To learn more about the LSAT prep course contact Abbe Stensland, Director for the Stoll Program for Law and Society.