A group that will serve as an educational forum for those within the organization and for the campus at large, as well as to actively seek to improve the lives of the LGBTQ+ community.

Black Awareness Cultural Organization (BACO)

Will work for empowerment through community and support. Also bring awareness of African and Black-American issues. Lastly, to educate individuals of African and Black-American history and culture via multiple resources including but not limited to discussions, guest speakers, films and movies, publications, and social events.

Disability Opportunity Outreach Resources and Support (D.O.O.R.S.)

The Mission of DOORS is to provide a basis of support for students with disability on campus and foster a positive environment through education, awareness and advocacy, outreach, and referral to services to promote the social and cultural capital of all.

Gender Safe Space

To create a safe space where individuals may talk about and express their gender without fear that they will be outed to others. We also want to create a sense of community within the space so that individuals can remember that they are not alone in their experience with gender.

Third Wave Resource Group (TWRG)

TWRG focuses on feminist interests for the members' growth and the growth of the campus. Third wave feminism is a movement that seeks equality, justice, fairness, and non-biased support for all individuals who have been marginalized by our patriarchal society.

Get Outta Town (GOT)

The mission of GOT is to provide opportunities for students to attend and experience events off campus.


Hillel was created and founded on the principles of Judaism. These principles include acceptance of all people without the expectation of conformity, giving tzedakah (charity) by serving the Jewish community.

Sikh, South Asian, Muslim, & Middle-Eastern Organization for Support & Advancement (SSMMOSA)

SSMMOSA was founded with the intention of supporting marginalized students who identify with one or more of the specified racial,ethnic, and religious groups through providing community and representation within the Cornell community as a whole. We will be educating the Cornell community in regards to:

  • Various aspects of Sikh, South Asian, Muslim, and Middle Eastern culture
  • The histories and current realities (including legal and political aspects) of Sikh, South Asian, Muslim, and Middle Eastern America
  • The intersections between issues faced by these groups and other marginalized groups in the United States

Unión Latinx

The purpose of Unión Latinx is to empower through education, advocacy, cultural awareness, and unity within the Latinx community. This will be accomplished by cultivating a socially conscious voice for the Latinx student population at Cornell through involvement with cultural, academic, and political activities.