Welcome to Cornell College Student Health Services!  

We are integrating the student health center and the counseling center into the new and improved Ebersole Health and Wellbeing Center!  This will allow us to provide comprehensive care, enhance access to our providers, streamline services and expand our work of the Center to meet your needs.  Watch for a new and improved website, on-line scheduling for both health and counseling appointments,  more programs, and even some new spaces!  We are welcoming new staff in our counseling center, keep an eye out for a meet and greet event!  We are looking forward to your feedback as we introduce our new and improved model!

We continue to live with Covid19. Our task force monitors the situation locally and nationally, meeting regularly to review and update policies. The website is your best source for current campus information and will be updated with changes as they occur. 

Monkeypox is also an emerging health concern.  It is a virus that is part of the same family that causes smallpox. Monkeypox symptoms are similar to smallpox symptoms, but milder. It is transmitted by direct contact (bodily fluids) with an infected person. We  are monitoring  the situation and will provide information as it becomes available. Current CDC information can be found here. 

Reproductive and Sexual Health:  Our health center provides pregnancy and STI testing at no cost. Free condoms are available across campus. Emergency contraception Plan B type medications are available for purchase (sliding scale) at the health center. 

The Ebersole Health and Wellbeing Center can also put you in touch with local resources fast:

  • Making referrals to local medical providers

  • Connecting students to the Mt. Vernon Pharmacy

  • Assisting students to obtain transportation from campus to care appointments at no cost

  • Providing confidential one to one consultation to students on holistic health and wellbeing options


Please feel free to reach out with any questions (phone: 319-895-4292 or email health_services@cornellcollege.edu).  Our initial hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 4:30, if you would like to stop by in person.  We are eager to assist you!


The mission of Cornell College Student Health Services complements the mission of the college by promoting the optimal well-being of students.  We do this by:

  • providing and coordinating quality health care services
  • advocating for students in their pursuit of health and wellness
  • preparing students to be their own health advocates and informed consumers of appropriate health care services
  • providing health education to promote the development of healthy lifestyles

The Student Health Center is located in the Ebersole Building, directly south of the Thomas Commons.  Appointments are preferred and can be scheduled online or by phone at 319-895-4292.        Walk-ins will be accommodated as time permits.  Appointments with the nurse are free.

Are you a Cornell student with a non-emergent health question?  If so, c-Nurse is just for you!

Just click on the stethoscope, ask your question and a nurse will answer

within 24 hours Monday-Friday during the school year. 

(Please note, c-Nurse is not for scheduling appointments.  If you wish to schedule, please call 319-895-4292 during business hours, or schedule online.)