What should I do if I have a question about. . .

Q: . . . Academic Advisor/advising/class registration and selection?
A: Contact your Academic Advisor or the Registrar's Office

Q: . . . changing or selecting majors/career options?
A: Contact your Academic Advisor, the Registrar's Office, or Berry Career Institute

Q: . . . difficulty in a class?
A: Contact your class instructor and your Academic Advisor, Center for Teaching and Learning, or the Counseling Center

Q: . . . financial difficulties?
A: Contact Financial Assistance Office or the Business Services

Q: . . . food service?
A: Contact Dining Services

Q: . . . health concerns?
A: Contact Student Health Services

Q: . . . internships/work experiences?
A: Contact your Academic Advisor

Q: . . . job search strategies/grad. school searches?
A: Contact Berry Career Institute or your Academic Advisor

Q: . . . things to do at Cornell?
A: Contact the Student Activities Office, Student Senate,  Information Desk, Intramurals Office, Civic Engagement Office , or your Resident Assistant (RA)

Q: . . . relationship difficulties?
A: Contact the Counseling Center, Chaplain's Office, or your Resident Assistant (RA)

Q: . . . religious/spiritual connection?
A: Contact the Chaplain's Office or Student Organizations

Q: . . . roommate problems?
A: Contact your Resident Assistant (RA), the Assistant Director of Residence Life, or the Residence Life Office

Q: . . . stress/grief?
A: Contact the Counseling Center or the Chaplain's Office

Q: . . . student employment/work study issues?
A: Contact the Financial Assistance Office

Q: . . . transferring schools?
A: Contact the Office of Student Affairs , your Academic Advisor, or the Registrar's Office