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Updated July 27, 2020

The task forces that took on the work

In order to tackle all of the efforts required to welcome students back to campus and keep our campus community engaged while we were not in residence, we created task forces of key staff, advisory faculty, and advisory students to research issues, present solutions, and implement approved actions.  We are grateful beyond measure for the time and effort each member put into their work. 

Here is an overview of the task forces to date.

Crisis Management Team

Comprised of President’s Council and other team members with policy development authority who provide policy and response support, and coordinate dissemination of campus and public information. Responsible for upcoming decisions about the timing of re-opening and implementing measures for health safety. Chair:  Jonathan Brand, College President 

Data Team

A smaller team comprised of selected members of the CMT. This group meets weekly on Mondays, charged with looking at the data points and bringing recommendations to the full CMT on Thursdays relating to the college's movement through the phases of repopulating campus. Chair: Nancy Reasland, Student Health Services Director

Guiding Principles and Measures Task Force

This committee was charged with identifying the principles that inform our phased plan for return to campus and identified what COVID-19 testing protocols and processes were required (this spawned a new task force for testing and planning). This task force is suspended because work is complete. Chair: Nancy Reasland, Student Health Services Director

Flex Calendar Academic Implementation Task Force

The role of this committee is to oversee and coordinate the implementation of the flex calendar.  This work includes problem solving and contingency planning for disruptions to and modifications of the academic program as necessary due to COVID-19 as well as the development of two summer flex blocks. Chair: Erin Davis, Professor of Sociology, Associate Dean of the College

Testing Planning Task Force

This task force determined the policy and frequency of campus testing, and how it would be administered. Chair: Nancy Reasland, Student Health Services Director

Safe Re-population Task Force

This group was charged to plan and implement methods (policies, practices, PPE) to reduce exposure risks in primary settings including classrooms, office spaces, dining spaces, residence halls, recreation/athletic facilities, library, restrooms, and gathering spaces. Chair: John Harp, Special Assistant to the President

Education Task Force

This committee was convened to educate and influence students, faculty, staff and visitors to comply with safety measures.  They've also taken on the monumental task of creating a comprehensive campus signage plan. Chair: Marcia Sisk, Health Promotions Director

Residential Options Task Force

This group met to discuss how to mitigate exposure to COVID-19 and attract and retain residential students. Chair: John Harp, Special Assistant to the President 

Retention Task Force

Coordinate outreach, programming, and support and services for the current student body for spring 2020. Over summer 2020 this evolved to implementing methods for delivering the co-curricular experience virtually and  maintaining a vibrant campus community while physically distanced. Chair: Gwen Schimek-Tischler, >Associate Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Federal and State Regulations Monitoring Task Force

This group focuses on keeping track of the ever evolving regulations that apply to us as a private residential college, and ensuring our policies are in compliance. Chair: Kay Langseth, Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer

Student Emergency Funds Task Force

Interprets government regulations, develops protocols and procedures, and implemented the distribution of emergency funds from the federal CARES Act. Chair: Pam Perry, Director of Financial Planning and Assistance

Safe Individualized Campus Tours Task Force

This group developed the protocols and sourced equipment for modified campus visits. Their work was completed in June and this task force was suspended. Chair: John Harp, Special Assistant to the President

Mount Vernon Community School District Liaisons

This team is working collaboratively with MV Community School District to share collective brainpower about reopening, discuss exposure mitigation strategies, and collaborate on mass purchases of supplies.  Chair: John Harp, Special Assistant to the President

City of Mount Vernon Liaisons

This team is working collaboratively with City of Mount Vernon to share and discuss public health information and local strategies.  Chair: John Harp, Special Assistant to the President

Pricing Task Force

This group met to evaluate a differentiated tuition strategy (online vs. not online), identify what issues occur if a student chooses to start or stop in blocks other than 1 and 4; and what the ramifications are to the cost-of-attendance equation. This work has been completed and the task force is currently suspended. Chair: Craig Engel, volunteer consultant

External Messaging Task Force

This group met to develop messaging around our ability to offer a full educational experience with minimal disruption due to One Course At A Time and presenting our action plan to the external world. Work is completed, though the message carries on, and this task force was suspended. Chair: Jen Visser, Senior Director of Marketing and Interactive Media