Updated: Oct. 20, 2021

Campus Immunity Reporting

Beginning August 9th, Cornell began reporting an immunity percentage with our vaccination percentage as we begin the fall semester. Our immunity rate includes both vaccinated persons and those who have obtained natural immunity. Read more detail on our reasoning

Block 3 Data

As of October 20, an analysis of our campus population shows:

Members of community
Students: 1049*
Employees: 357
Total campus community: 1406

Members reporting vaccination
Students: 854 for 81%
Employees: 306 for 86%
Total campus community: 1,160 for 83%

Members counted as immune
Students: 912 for 87%
Employees: 321 for 90%
Total campus community: 1233 for 88%

This data will be updated once each block.

*For this block's reporting we removed the 6 M.F.A. in Creative Writing graduate students since they are not residential students.

COVID-19 Testing

We are reporting the number of individuals tested on a weekly basis on Wednesdays when class is in session. The number of tests performed will fluctuate week to week based on circumstances. We are performing surveillance testing per NCAA and Midwest Conference guidelines for unvaccinated student athletes. We also complete surveillance testing and contact tracing testing for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.

Individuals tested on campus this week: 163, 2 individuals tested positive (both employees);

Students in quarantine: 0

Quarantined students are those who are remaining in their residence hall rooms because they were exposed to someone who tested positive. They will remain in quarantine for 14 days, or 10 days if they have a negative test on day 10. If they develop symptoms, they will be tested; with a positive test, they will moved out of their residence hall to a separate room to remove them from the campus community for 10 days while they recover.

Students in isolation: 0

Students in isolation have tested positive and will remain out of their residence hall in a separate isolation space or return home for 10 days while they recover.

Employees in quarantine or isolation

Per CDC guidelines, employees who test positive need to isolate at home for 10 days, or quarantine for 14 days if they are identified as a positive contact.  The employee's supervisor will make sure this is enforced.