Phase 3.5 campus expectations (last updated 4/26/21)

Here is additional detail about the safety protocols that will be in effect for Phase 3.5. These rules apply whether you are vaccinated or not. We encourage you to review our Cornellian Commitment pledge as a guide to our community expectations for one another.

Daily precautions

  • [RULE] Complete the symptom checker if you don't feel well and follow the guidance regarding quarantine and testing.
  • [RULE] Wear an approved face covering (a snugly fitting mask with ear loops and at least two layers of fabric that completely cover the nose and chin) any time you are not in your residence hall room, outdoors alone, or doing personal grooming in the restrooms.  
  • [RULE] Maintain a minimum six-foot physical distance between you and others.
  • [RULE] Wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly and often.
  • [RULE] Be responsive and honest if you are part of a contact trace.
  • [Recommendation]: Wear your cloth face mask over a surgical mask for added protection against mutating strains of COVID-19.

In your residence hall

  • [RULE] No non-student guests are allowed in residence halls.
  • [RULE] Each resident of a room is only permitted to personally host one guest at a time.
  • [RULE] Maximum number of guests in your room: equal to the number of people living in the room who are present (if you have 2 people living there and both are present, up to 2 guests are permitted, if there are 3 people living there and all are present, up to 3 guests are permitted, etc).
  • [RULE] If you are directed to quarantine, stay in your residence hall room and request meal delivery from or you may choose to quarantine at home.
  • [RULE] Residence hall kitchens will still be available for meal storage in community refrigerators and preparation. Those actively cooking can be in the space; others should not hang out there.
  • [Recommendation] Have a frank conversation with your roommate(s) about your comfort level with room visitors and set guidelines you can agree upon.
  • [Recommendation] If your roommate is directed to quarantine, continue to wear your mask. Consider opening your windows if weather permits. Email if you have specific roommate concerns.

In your classroom

  • [RULE] Maintain physical distancing while in the classroom; leave furniture where it is placed.
  • [Recommendation] Talk to your faculty member if you have concerns about being in class on a particular day.
In study spaces
  • [RULE] All reserved study spaces are limited to maximum occupancy.
  • [RULE] You may study in the library and maintain physical distance. Continue to wear your mask.
  • [Recommendation] Choose a space for your study group large enough to ensure extra space for physical distancing, beyond the 6-foot minimum.

Hilltop Café 

  • [RULE] Attend your scheduled cohort lunch meal time unless you have requested an exemption, dinner cohorts do not need to be followed.
  • [RULE] If you choose to eat in a dining room, use seats where they are placed by staff and remain distanced from others when eating. Note: Smith Dining Room is currently closed.
  • [Recommendation] If your meal time is during a music practice happening in Smith Dining Room, take a moment to listen to your peers and enjoy their talents..

Student Group Meetings

  • [RULE] Student groups can have in person meetings if a room of appropriate size is available and all attendees follow all masking and distancing protocols, with no food or drink; Linn County has a current recommended maximum of 25 people at in-person gatherings.
  • [Recommendation] When possible continue to meet virtually and include virtual components to ensure all group members can participate at their comfort level.

Travel off campus

  • [RULE] Do not attend group events off campus that could expose you to COVID-19.
  • [Recommendation] Avoid traveling in cars with others; this has been one of the highest forms of spread for Cornell students.
  • [Recommendation] Minimize travel off campus as much as possible.
  • [Recommendation] Traveling to off-campus jobs is allowed; please follow all safety protocols to minimize your potential exposure.
  • [Recommendation] Take note that the positivity rate on campus is lower than the rate in Mount Vernon, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City. If you do go into town, call ahead to place an order when possible, limit your time off-campus, and follow all safety protocols.

Exercise & wellness

  • [RULE] Sign up for exercise slots in the Roe Howard Fitness Center and Small Athletics Center.
  • [RULE] Spectators are allowed at athletics and music events provided social distancing and masking continues. 
  • [RULE] Maintain physical distancing and we encourage a face covering when exercising outdoors.
  • [Recommendation] Religious services, doctors appointments, meals outdoors, and connecting with friends are considered wellness activities; please take precautions if you attend in person instead of online.
  • [Recommendation] Take part in Rev. Catherine’s yoga or meditation sessions on-demand.
  • [Recommendation] Check out the resources available on the counseling center web pages.

Reporting violations

If there are violations you see on-campus, whether by students, staff, or faculty, report as much information as you can about the situation through our online reporting system. We investigate each report and adjudicate as able.

Unanswered questions?

If you have a question that was not answered in this list, or not clear enough, please email and we will work on providing additional clarity.