All students must have an academic advisor in order to register for or change classes, and to remain enrolled and receive credit for courses completed.

Your initial academic advisor upon entry to Cornell was assigned to you on the basis of the interests you indicated in the admissions application and survey. Students who wish to change advisors may do so at any time by conferring with the Registrar, and filing a Change of Advisor Form.

Normally students remain with their first advisor until they file a Declaration of Major/Minor Card to declare their degree program and major(s) in their sophomore year. At this time they either select an advisor in each of their major departments or are assigned major advisors by the department chairs. If a student has more than one advisor, the student must indicate to the Registrar which of them is to be her or his principal advisor. The principal advisor is the person who will register the student, receive all academic information about the student, and endorse any petitions the student may file.