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204. Intermediate English as a Second Language I
For students with an intermediate proficiency in English. Continued acquisition of language
skills. Review of English grammar. Readings emphasize American culture. Daily short writing
assignments. Introduction to the library, note taking, and paraphrasing. Prerequisite: ESL 103.

205. Intermediate English as a Second Language II
Continued grammar review. Greater emphasis on extensive reading. Practice in expository
writing, paraphrasing, and summaries. Introduction to annotated writing. Prerequisite: ESL

306. Advanced English as a Second Language
For students with a minimal or a partial academic proficiency in English. Instruction in writing
expository and argumentative prose. Practice in writing a short research paper. Readings in
academic subjects. The class may visit other courses. Prerequisite: ESL 205.

390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study
Courses 290/390.

Classical Studies (CLS)

Advisor: John Gruber-Miller

This interdisciplinary major is based on the study of language, literature, and civilization and
allows for a creative and flexible program that will touch all aspects of the ancient world--its art,
history, religion, philosophy, literature, society, and culture.

Major: A minimum of nine course credits, which include:
1. Three course credits in either Latin or Greek at or above the 200 level;
2. Two course credits in Greek and Roman literature in English translation selected from CLA

    216, 364, 372, and 373;
3. Three course credits in related areas selected from ART 251 (Greek and Hellenistic Art), 252

    (Etruscan and Roman Art); CLA 111 (Big Screen Rome); 230 (Cultural Crossroads in
    Antiquity); 254 (Greek History); 255 (Roman History); 264 (Women in Antiquity); 381
    (Greek Archaeology); 382 (Roman Archaeology); PHI 302 (Ancient Philosophy); REL 251
    (Jesus in the Gospels), 252 (Epistles of Paul), 353 (Christian Foundations).
4. Capstone Course: CLA 487 Junior-Senior Seminar.

With the permission of the major advisor, relevant courses from other departments may be
counted toward the major.

Minor: A minimum of five course credits which include two courses in either Latin or Greek at
or above the 200 level; one course credit in Greek and Roman literature in English translation;
and two other courses approved for the Classical Studies major.

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