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Teaching Certification: Students who are interested in pursuing K-12 certification to teach
Spanish should seek admission to the Teacher Education Program. See the Education
department section for application and certification information (pages 109-111).

Minor: A minimum of five course credits in Spanish at or above the 300 level which include
301, 311, one elective (in Spanish or in another area approved by the Department), and one

course in each of two of the following categories:

Culture: 381, 383, 385, or Topics in Culture
Peninsular Literature: SPA 321, 322, 351, or Topics in Peninsular Literature
Latin American Literature: SPA 3352, 55, 356, or Topics in Latin American Literature

Latin American Studies Major: see Latin American Studies.

Courses taught in Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, and Spain: see 201, 206, 302, 303, and
381 below.

Note: Lectures and discussions in all 300- and 400-level courses are in Spanish.

101-102-103. Beginning Spanish I, II, and III
Essentials of grammar stressing skills in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing with
classroom activities promoting conversational skills. Short readings for cultural awareness and
vocabulary development. (Language)

109. Topics in Hispanic Literature and Culture (in English)
Seminar for first year students only. Intensive engagement with a topic in Hispanic cultural or
literary studies. Taught in English. See Topics Courses. (Humanities)

201. Basic Spanish
Independent, supervised study for students at the beginning or intermediate level who wish to
improve their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding Spanish in an approved
language school in Latin America or Spain. Students take a placement test before and after the
term and the department assigns credit at a level reflecting students' accomplishments. Consult

with Spanish faculty for additional information. (CR)

205. Topics and Encounters in Hispanic Cultures
Topics in Hispanic literature, culture, history, and film, taught in Spanish at the intermediate
level. Students will apply their basic language skills in a variety of different contexts, from
studying a topic in the target language to having regular interactions with native speakers in
U.S. communities off-campus or via online virtual communities. Prerequisite: SPA 103.


206. Spanish Cultural Immersion (Intermediate Spanish Abroad)
Taught in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, and Guatemala, students will
develop their knowledge of Spanish language and culture in a classroom setting, in daily
interactions with native speakers from the local community, and in excursions to culturally rich
sites. Includes a homestay. Registration entails additional costs. Prerequisites: SPA 103 and

permission of instructor. Offered two out of three years.

265-269. Topics in Spanish
See Topics Courses.

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