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333. Goethe
Introduction to the man and his works, concentrating on Faust. Prerequisite: GER 302 or 311.
Offered every third year. (Humanities)

341. Romanticism
Survey of the German Romantic period, concentrating on Novalis and Kleist. Supplementary
readings in Romantic Criticism and the philosophy of German idealism. Prerequisite: GER 302

or 311. Offered every third year. (Humanities)

351. Modern Men
The three authors most associated with modernist literature are Rainer Maria Rilke, Thomas
Mann and Franz Kafka. This course will explore their writings, position within the literary
industry, and the place of literature in society in the early 20th century. Taught in English.
Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing. Offered every third year. Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing.


381. Germany Awakes (1871-1914)
A survey of the decade immediately following the unification of Germany under Bismarck in
1871. Readings and discussion of the history, society, and literature of those years when
Germany became a world power, an industrialized country, and a militaristic society.

Prerequisite: GER 302 or 311. Offered every third year. (Humanities)

383. Anxiety and Elation in the Weimar Republic 1919-1933
A survey of the Weimar Republic, 1919-1933, when Germany struggled to overcome its defeat in
World War I. Readings and discussion of its economic and political history, and the
developments in society, literature and cinema. Analysis of Nazism's rise to power. Prerequisite:
GER 302 or 311. Offered every third year. (Humanities)

385. From the Rubble to the Wall: Postwar Germany, 1945-1963
A survey of Germany 1945-1963, when the two German successor states, and Austria, struggled
with the legacy of the Third Reich. Readings and discussion of the development of East and
West Germany and their political and economic incorporation into the Soviet and Western
Blocs. The peculiar neutrality of Austria. The Wirtschaftswunder in West Germany and Austria,
and its pale reflection in East Germany. Prerequisite: GER 302 or 311. Offered every third year.


386-387. Topics in German Studies
See Topics Courses.

485. Senior Tutorial (Capstone)
The capstone in German Studies is designed to develop strong mastery of advanced German
speaking, writing and reading/listening comprehension. Students develop their own research
project which culminates in a final paper or series of papers. Students are strongly
recommended to take GER 390 or a similar course in one of the terms preceding the seminar, in
order to properly prepare. Required of all German majors. Prerequisites: four 300-level German


511. German Reading and Conversation Group (1/4)
Maintenance of German language skills through reading and conversation. Six meetings per
term, with all student work done during the meetings. Prerequisite: GER 102. (CR)

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