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290/390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent
Study Courses 290/390.

301. Composition and Conversation
Focus on conversational French and refinement of grammar in writing and speaking. Discussion
and analysis of current events in the media and exploration of a variety of different genres,
including French ads, fait-divers, persuasive essays, comic strips and short narratives. Advanced
grammar review, vocabulary acquisition and creation of an on-line blog. Prerequisite: FRE 205

or 206.

302. Advanced Conversation Culture Abroad
For students who wish to achieve greater fluency and an understanding of life in a Francophone
destination. Past destinations include: Martinique, Aix-en-Provence, Québec and Morocco.
Immersion in French/Francophone culture through experiential activities and excursions, site
visits, group discussion, selected readings and daily interactions with native speakers from the
local community. May include a homestay. Alternate years. Registration entails additional

costs. Prerequisite: FRE 205.

303. Culture of France and Francophone World
Contemporary French and Francophone cultures viewed through the lenses of media, cinema,
literature, politics, and popular culture. Students will study the historical, political, geographic,
and cultural meanings of the post-colonial term "Francophonie," and will interrogate what it
means to be "French" in a globalized world. Coursework includes both formal and informal
writing assignments, a mid-term examination, and a final research project with oral
presentation. Prerequisite: FRE 205 or FRE 206. FRE 301 is strongly recommended. Alternate

years. (Humanities)

311. Introduction to Literature in French
Exploration of a variety of literary genres, including poetry, theatre, the "nouvelle," and the
novel. Students develop their reading, writing and speaking proficiency in French through class
discussion, close readings, analytical and creative writing assignments. Prerequisite: FRE 301
or permission of instructor. Alternate years. (Humanities)

312. Introduction to French and Francophone Film
This course introduces students to the study of French-language film. They learn about
important periods, movements, and directors in French and Francophone filmmaking from the
beginning in 1895 with the Lumière brothers through the present, possibly including la Nouvelle
Vague (films such as A Bout de souffle and Les Quatre Cent Coups), banlieue cinema (films that
focus on or are made by people living in the housing projects surrounding major French cities),
and films by Ousmane Sembène (a Senegalese author and director considered by some to be the
‘father of African cinema’). Students develop the critical vocabulary and skills necessary to
analyze films as constructed texts and become familiar with the socio-historical contexts in
which the films were produced. The course is conducted in French. Prerequisite: FRE 301 or

permission of the instructor. Alternate years. (Humanities)

321. Passionate Extremes in Early-Modern France

This course focuses on important cultural texts from the medieval era through the 16th century.

French feudal society—a world of chevaliers, courtly love and chivalric honor-- gives way to the

rise of monarchical power, brutal religious wars and discoveries of ancient art and knowledge at

the dawn of the modern era. Visual, material and aural/oral culture as well as period films will

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