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313. Age of Augustus
Golden Age of Latin literature. Readings from Vergil, Horace, Ovid, or the Roman love elegists.
Prerequisite: LAT 205. Offered every third year. (Humanities)

368. Roman Historians
Readings from Tacitus, Livy, or Caesar in order to assess the Romans' contribution to and
influence upon the writing of history. Prerequisite: LAT 205. Offered every third year.


391. Advanced Tutorial
Topic selected by the student in consultation with the instructor. Prerequisite: LAT 291. Offered
on request, subject to availability of faculty.

511. Latin Reading Group (1/4)
Maintenance of Latin language skills through reading a variety of Roman authors. Texts selected
in consultation with the participating students. Course meets once a week for a semester.

Prerequisite: LAT 102 or permission of instructor. (CR)

Modern Languages

French (FRE)

Major: A minimum of eight course credits in French at or above the 300 level, which include
FRE 301, 303, 311 or 312, and 411 or 412. A maximum of two elective upper-level courses in
other areas, approved beforehand by the Department as relevant to the major, may be
substituted for two of the elective French courses.

Teaching Certification: Students who are interested in pursuing K-12 certification to teach
French should seek admission to the Teacher Education Program. See the Education
department section for application and certification information (pages 109-111).

Minor: A minimum of five course credits in French at or above the 300 level, which include
FRE 301, 303, and 311 or 312.

Study Abroad: French majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad, and up to four course
credits taken on approved programs may be substituted for required major courses.

Note: Lectures and discussions in 300- and 400-level courses are in French unless otherwise

101-102-103. Beginning French I, II, and III
French 101-103 develop students’ linguistic and cultural proficiency. Coursework covers
speaking, listening, reading and writing in French. Successful completion of the beginning-level
language course sequence prepares students to function in a variety of authentic communicative
situations within a French speaking context and to become life-long language learners. All
French language classes, from the beginning to the advanced level, also develop students’

awareness and understanding of cultural phenomena in the Francophone world.

101. Beginning French I

French 101 is designed for true beginners in the language. Students are introduced to the

standard conventions of French pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, and focus is placed

on building students' foundation in linguistic proficiency through exercises in speaking, writing,

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