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111. Chemistry in the Natural World
Basic concepts of chemistry and their implications for a technological society. Emphasis on
quantitative and qualitative aspects of chemistry as they apply to topics of importance today.
Intended for non-science majors. No previous study of chemistry required. (Laboratory Science)

121. Chemical Principles I
Fundamental concepts of chemistry, mole concept, energy, theories of the atom and the
chemical bond, and molecular geometry. This course is intended primarily for those considering
a major in science. (Laboratory Science)

122. Chemical Principles II
Rates of chemical reactions, equilibrium, acids and bases, electrochemistry, and an introduction
to thermodynamics. Reactions and properties of selected elements and their compounds.
Prerequisite: CHE 121. (Laboratory Science)

161. Accelerated General Chemistry
Fundamental concepts of chemistry: atomic theory, quantum theory, bonding, states of matter,
thermodynamics, equilibrium, and kinetics. The course is designed for students who have a
good understanding of atoms, molecules, and mole calculations. This course is the equivalent of
CHE 121 and 122. Credit may be given for either 161 or 121-122, but not both. Prerequisite:
placement exam or permission of the instructor. (Laboratory Science)

202. Analytical Chemistry
Concepts of analysis, volumetric techniques, and an introduction to instrumental techniques.
Prerequisite: CHE 122 or CHE 161. (Laboratory Science)

225. Organic Chemistry I Lecture
Chemistry of carbon compounds. Determination of molecular constitution and configuration
and the chemistry of common functional groups. Prerequisite: CHE 121 or CHE 161. (Science)

260-262. Topics in Chemistry
Study of a selected topic in chemistry. See Topics Courses.

280/380. Internship: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study
Courses 280/380.
Does not fulfill major or minor requirement.

290/390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent
Study Courses 290/390.

323. Physical Chemistry I
Concepts of physical chemistry, including the kinetic-molecular theory of gases, kinetics,
quantum mechanics, atomic and molecular structure and energetics, spectroscopy, symmetry,
and classical and statistical thermodynamics. Prerequisites: MAT 122 and CHE 122 or CHE 161.
Recommended prerequisite: PHY 263. (Laboratory Science)

324. Physical Chemistry II
Thermodynamics and descriptions of systems of equilibria from both classical and statistical
perspectives, molecular spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, atomic structure, and theories of
reaction rates. Prerequisite: CHE 323. (Laboratory Science)

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