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268. Pre-Columbian Mexico through its Art and Architecture
This class will explore, through the selection of a limited number of works of art and
architecture, the rich artistic traditions of pre-Columbian Mexico. Although the course’s
geographical and historical reach is large (spanning over 3,000 years of history and a broad
swath of North America), the works that we will examine are selective rather than
comprehensive, and certain recurring themes will be emphasized in class discussions. Such
themes include: Mesoamerican rulership and its representation; various cultures’ approaches to
life and death and how they are reflected in art and material culture; Mesoamerican cities and
urban planning; materials and “material meanings”; uses of technology in understanding the
pre-Columbian world; collecting the pre-Columbian past; and continuities of pre-Columbian
culture after 1521. Class discussions, one field trip, and assigned readings are intended to help
students in the critical evaluation of this art. Class sessions will be a mixture of illustrated
lectures and discussion. Elective for Latin American Studies majors. [AH] (Humanities)

274-279. Topics in Art History
Various art history offerings at the intermediate level. Courses integrate material from other
disciplines. Upcoming topics may include: Masculinity and the Male Nude, Museum Studies (In
Chicago, Illinois), Pre-Columbian Art, and Islamic Art and Architecture. See Topics Courses. No

S/U option. [AH] (Humanities)

280/380. Internship: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study
Courses 280/380. No S/U option.

290/390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent
Study Courses 290/390. No S/U option. Half-credit projects are not permitted.

291. Studio Tutorial
Sustained projects in studio art. Prerequisites: a minimum of three college-level art courses,
experience in the medium of the tutorial, and permission of the instructor at least two terms in
advance. May be repeated for credit. No S/U option. [SA]

292. Art History Tutorial
An examination of one or more areas of art history not included in the regular offerings, or
expanded research of a topic introduced in an art history course previously studied.
Prerequisites: a minimum of two college-level art history courses, appropriate experience in the
area of proposed study, and permission of the instructor at least two terms in advance. May be

repeated for credit. No S/U option. [AH]

306. Intermedia
Production and analysis of time-based visual art. Introduction to the practice, history, and
theory of avant-garde visual art in the twentieth century and beyond. Students will work
individually and collaboratively with video, sound, performance, photography and the internet.

Prerequisite: any 200-level studio art course. Alternate years. No S/U option. [SA] (Fine Arts)

307. Advanced Photography
Advanced work in photography, with opportunity for maximum creative activity. Prerequisite:
ART 207. Alternate years. No S/U option. [SA] (Fine Arts)

310. Collage and Assemblage
Studio course centered on the making, presenting, and analysis of two-and three-dimensional

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