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Finally, for brevity, the phrase "junior standing" is considered to apply here to both
juniors and seniors, and the phrase "sophomore standing" applies to all three upper

Repeat Policy
Course descriptions specifically indicate whether the course may be repeated for credit.
All courses which do not specify a repeat policy are subject to the rules specified under
the heading "Repeating Courses". See Repeating Courses.

Courses that are described on the following pages without a chronological reference are
normally offered every year. The notation "alternate years" indicates that the course is
usually offered every other year. A few courses are "offered every third year." Others are
not offered on a regular basis and are designated as "not offered every year", "offered
upon request", or "offered subject to the availability of faculty".

When planning beyond the current year, students must take into account the fact that
some of their courses may not be offered every year and must therefore schedule such
courses in the years when they are offered. The actual offerings for any academic year are
published the preceding spring in the Course Schedule. For the scheduling of courses not
offered annually or not advertised on the Course Schedule, students should consult the
department chair or the instructor.

The following notations are used: (CR)-a course graded only Credit/No Credit; (OP)-a
course where the student with the consent of the instructor may elect to receive either a
regular grade or Credit/No Credit; however, students who desire a regular grade must
inform the Registrar of this fact before the end of the third day of the term in which the
course is undertaken; (NS)-a course where the student cannot use the
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading option.

For a complete listing of all faculty engaged in the academic program, please refer to the
Faculty by Department website

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