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General Information about Courses

         The first of the three digits which designate the courses of this Catalogue generally
         indicates the following level or type of course:

         1xx. introductory courses in the discipline;
         2xx. intermediate courses in the discipline;
         3xx. advanced courses in the discipline. These courses are not generally open to first-
         year students;
         4xx. courses for seniors and/or departmental majors. Some of these courses are seminar,
         research, and thesis courses;
         5xx. adjunct courses, almost all for 1/4 course credit;
         6xx. Special Studies, open only to B.S.S. degree candidates;
         7xx. music performance lessons and ensembles, English, and Theatre participation
         activities; and
         9xx. Cornell-affiliated off-campus programs.

         When one course number is printed next to another, the following marks are used to
         indicate their relation to each other:

         hyphen-the first course is a prerequisite for admission to the second [MAT 327-328], or
         the second to the third [RUS 101-102-103];

         semicolon-the first course is designed for first year students and sophomores or non-
         majors, the second course for majors or other advanced students in the department
         [ART 231; 331].

         Courses carrying one full course credit (the equivalent of four semester or six quarter
         hours) have no notation after their titles. Exceptions are indicated: (1/4) one quarter of a
         course credit; (1/2) one half of a course credit; (1/2-1) one half or one course credit, as
         the student chooses and if the instructor concurs. (See One Course At A Time, item 5.)

         If a prior course or courses must be taken before another course can be taken, that
         information is listed after the course description as "Prerequisite(s)." However, a student
         who has taken or learned the equivalent of the prerequisite elsewhere may take the
         course. Hence the phrase "or equivalent" is not generally used in this Catalogue.
         Similarly, since any instructor may with sufficient cause waive the prerequisite(s) for a
         course upon request, the phrase "or with permission of the instructor" is not generally
         used either. Hence, when the phrase "permission of the instructor" does appear as the
         sole prerequisite, it means that permission must be obtained before a student may
         register for the course.

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