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Each of the other degrees requires at least one major. Students may not elect both a major
    and a minor in the same discipline or interdisciplinary program, though a student may
    complete two minors in the same department.
3. Students may choose one or more of the departmental or interdisciplinary majors described
    in the central section of this Catalogue (see Courses of Instruction for particular subjects),
    or they may design an individualized major.
    a. Departmental majors allow a student to study a single discipline in depth. Cornell

         currently offers 26 departmental majors: Art History, Studio Art, Biology, Business,
         Chemistry, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Computer Science, Economics and
         Business, Elementary Education, Engineering Sciences, English, Geology, History,
         Kinesiology, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religion,
         Sociology, and Theatre.
    b. Interdisciplinary majors offer the opportunity for a student to specialize in a recognized
         academic field by taking courses from various related disciplines. Cornell's current
         interdisciplinary majors are: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Classical Studies,
         Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies,
         International Relations, Latin American Studies, Russian Studies, and Sociology and
    c. Individualized majors are programs that students design themselves to meet their
         particular needs and interests. Such a major involves a minimum of nine course credits
         to include four courses at the 300 level or above from at least two disciplines (not
         counting the capstone experience); a capstone experience (e.g., a course, individual
         project, or internship) at the 300 level or above; and at least six courses at or above the
         200 level. A narrative that explains how these courses create a coherent major and
         describes how the capstone experience will synthesize the courses into a cohesive
         program of study is to be filed with the contract for this major. This type of major is a
         contract between the student and a committee of three faculty members chosen by the
         student. The contract for an individualized major must be signed by the student, the
         members of the committee, and the Registrar, acting for the Dean of the College. Any
         changes in the contract must be approved in writing by all members of the committee.
         The contract and any changes must be filed with the Registrar. The student must
         complete a minimum of 10 course credits after initially filing this form with the
         Registrar. For more information, consult the Registrar.
    d. The requirements for departmental, interdisciplinary, and individualized majors are the
         same for both B.A. and B.S.S. candidates. A student is officially classified as a major only
         after he or she has been approved by the department or committee concerned and has
         filed the appropriate declaration with the Registrar.
    e. There is no restriction on adding majors after the sophomore year and no penalty for
         dropping them except that all B.A. candidates must complete at least one major and
         B.S.S. candidates must complete the basic contract they signed when filing their
    f. Students are expected to complete the major and minor requirements that were in effect
         at the time of Spring registration for their second year of courses. Transfer students who
         are admitted with sophomore or higher standing satisfy the requirements in effect when
         they begin their first course at Cornell. Students who have withdrawn from Cornell and
         are later readmitted follow the requirements in effect at the time of their readmission.
         Exceptions may be made by the department concerned in response to the student's
         petition, provided that such changes are feasible for and agreeable to the department.

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