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1. Registration in 500-level adjunct courses requires the signature of the instructor and
    academic advisor. For 700-level courses, students register directly with the instructor or
    ensemble conductor at the beginning of the adjunct course (Blocks One and Five for Music
    courses). Admission to some of these courses may be by audition; therefore, interested
    students should confer with the instructor or conductor for details before the first meeting of
    the course.

2. Students who register, attend for the entire length of the course and satisfactorily complete
    the course requirements will receive at the end of the semester a quarter of a credit and a
    grade of CR, with the exception of MUS courses in which a letter grade will be assigned.

3. Adjunct courses, music lessons and music ensembles may be repeated for credit every
    semester, unless stated otherwise in their course descriptions.

4. Students in courses numbered in the 500s who cease to attend or do not fulfill the course
    requirements will automatically be dropped from the course at the end of the semester and
    no record of the course will be posted on their transcript. Grades of F, NC, W, WH, and WR
    are not assigned for these adjunct courses.

5. Students enrolled in MUS courses numbered in the 700s who cease to attend or who do not
    fulfill the course requirements will receive the grade of F unless granted a W or WH.
    Students have one month from the start of the lessons or ensemble to drop without any
    record of the course or grade being posted on their transcript. (See Department of Music,
    "Music Lessons at Cornell" and "Ensemble Participation.")

Auditing Courses

Full-time students who wish to attend a course without receiving academic credit or a grade
may, with the approval of the instructor, audit the course without charge. The student registers
for a vacation Block. The instructor and the student determine at the start the requirements for
attendance and participation, and whether or not the audit is to be recorded on the student's
transcript. If the audit is to be recorded, during the first three days of the Block the student files
with the Registrar the appropriate form signed by the instructor to certify that the student
intends to fulfill the requirements of the audit. At the end of the Block the instructor certifies
that the audit has been fulfilled and the student receives the grade of AU on the transcript. If the
student has not fulfilled the requirements, then the Registrar records a vacation Block. Audited
courses, whether recorded or unrecorded, may not be used to satisfy degree or major

Repeating Courses

1. Any course for which a student has received a grade of F or NC may be repeated. In such
    cases, the second grade earned in a repeated course does not replace the previous grade of F
    or NC and does not erase it from the transcript. Both the first and the second grades will be
    calculated when computing the student's grade point average.

2. A student who has passed a course with a low grade may wish to take the course again,
    especially if the course is one in a sequence, e.g., CHE 121 or GER 102, where a solid
    command of the material in the lower-level course is essential for success in the higher-level
    course. The simplest way for students to repeat course material is to retake the course as an
    Audit (see "Auditing Courses"). In special cases a student may wish to repeat a course for
    credit and grade. Unless the course specifically states in its description that it may be
    repeated, e.g., ART 291 or BIO 485, the student must first petition the Academic Standing

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