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Kirilka S. Stavreva (2001)
Professor of English. Specialist Degree, English Literature, Sofia University, Bulgaria; Ph.D.,
The University of Iowa.

Catherine Stewart (1999)
Professor of History. B.A., Lawrence University; M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York at
Stony Brook; Richard and Norma Small Distinguished Professorship.

Jama L. Stilwell (2001)
Professor of Music. B.M., The University of Iowa; M.M., Northwestern University; Ph.D., The
University of Iowa.

Cynthia Strong (1989)
William Deskin Professor of Chemistry. B.A., Whitman College; Ph.D., California Institute of

Robert W. Sutherland, Jr. (1968)
Professor of Politics. B.A., University of Texas; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University.

Leon Tabak (1989)
Professor of Computer Science. B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S., Boston
University; Ph.D., Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Craig M. Teague (2003)
Associate Professor of Chemistry. B.S., Southwest Missouri State University; Ph.D., University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Craig Tepper (1989)
Professor of Biology. B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara; M.S., San Diego State
University; M.A., Indiana University; Ph.D., Utah State University.

Aparna Thomas (2004)
Associate Professor of Politics and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. B.A., Hope College;
M.A., Ph.D., Western Michigan University.

Philip Venticinque (2009)
Assistant Professor of Classics. B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago.

Paul Waelchli (2011)
Director of the Russell D. Cole Library and College Librarian with the rank of Assistant
Professor. B.A., University of Minnesota-Duluth; M.A.T., Clarke College; M.L.I.S., University of

Emily Walsh (2005)
Associate Professor of Geology. B.A., Middlebury College; Ph.D., University of California, Santa

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