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Foreign Language Abroad Program

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages offers qualified students the
opportunity to participate in certain programs operated by other institutions in countries
where the native language is French, German, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish. The
majority of the courses in approved FLAP programs must be taught in the foreign
language. Prerequisites: a grade point average of 3.0 or higher at the end of the term
preceding the start of the program. Programs range from one month to one year. For
additional information, please contact faculty in the Department of Classical and Modern
Languages. [990]

Cornell-Approved Domestic Off-Campus Programs

Domestic off-campus programs are occasionally added and removed as interest, safety
concerns and financial feasibility change. For latest program information, contact the
Office of International and Off-Campus Studies.

ACM: Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities (4)
Students in the Newberry Seminar do advanced independent research in one of the
world's great research libraries. They join ACM and GLCA faculty members in close
reading and discussion centered on a common theme, and then write a major paper on a
topic of their choice, using the Newberry Library's rich collections of primary documents.
The fall seminar runs for a full semester; the spring seminars are month-long. Students
live in Chicago apartments and take advantage of the city's rich resources. The Newberry
seminar is for students looking for an academic challenge, a chance to do independent
work, and possibly considering graduate school. Early September-early December.
Prerequisite: junior standing. MARTIN [962]

ACM: Chicago Program - Arts, Entrepreneurship & Urban Studies (4)
The ACM Chicago Program engages students academically, professionally, and
personally with this dynamic city. The primary areas of emphasis in the program are
Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Studies – students have the opportunity to explore
one of these topics in depth, or participate in classwork and projects across these
disciplines. The program offers an innovative mix of academic work, including an
internship, independent study project, common core course about the city of Chicago,
and a variety of seminars focused on the arts and creativity, innovation and
entrepreneurship, and urban studies and social justice. Students are able to explore the
vital issues facing cities and the people who live and work in them, while digging deeper
to relate these issues to their personal lives, education, and career aspirations. Early
September to mid-December (fall semester); late January to mid-May (fall semester).
HOOBLER (Arts); FAROOQI (Entrepreneurship); BARNES-BRUS (Urban Studies)

ACM: Oak Ridge Science Semester (4)
The Oak Ridge Science Semester is designed to enable qualified undergraduates to study
and conduct research in a prestigious and challenging scientific environment. As
members of a research team working at the frontiers of knowledge, participants engage
in long-range investigations using the facilities of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(ORNL) near Knoxville, Tennessee. The majority of a student's time is spent in research

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