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6. Students taking an Academic Leave of Absence will pay only the program costs,
    unless Cornell is the credit granting institution, as we are for all ACM courses.

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs may be available in Japan, Korea, and Northern Ireland. Application
deadlines vary; contact the Office of International and Off-Campus Studies for
information about current exchange programs at least one year in advance.

Cornell-Approved International Off-Campus Programs

ACM Programs- see the ACM website for more information about these programs.

Botswana: Development in Southern Africa (4)

Mid- January to mid-May. Prerequisite: advanced sophomore standing. KNOOP [914]

Tanzania: Ecology and Human Origins (4)
Early August to early-December. Prerequisite: junior standing. CONDON [912]

China: Shanghai: Perspectives on Contemporary China (4)

Late-August to mid-December starting in Fall 2015. KNOOP [920]

India: Culture, Traditions, and Globalization (4)
Mid-July to mid-December. THOMAS [922]

India: Development Studies & Hindi Language (4)
Early January to late April. THOMAS [924]

India: Summer Service Learning & Cultural Immersion (1-2)
Late June to mid-August. THOMAS [925]

Japan Study (9)
Mid-September to late July (academic year); mid-September to early February (fall
semester) session); mid-September to mid-March (fall semester with cultural
practicum); late February to late July (spring semester with intensive language).
Prerequisites: a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and sophomore standing. Japanese
language study is not required for acceptance into the program, but at least one Block of

Japanese must be completed before departure. ENNS and DAVIS [923]

Florence: Arts, Humanities, and Culture (4)

Late August to December. Prerequisite: junior standing. Prior Italian language

recommended. Allocation of Cornell credit is based upon course selection and is subject

to departmental approval. PENN-GOETSCH [952]

Jordan: Middle East and Arabic Language Studies (3-8)
Late August to late December. See the ACM web site for more information. BATY [930].

London and Florence: Arts in Context (4-5)
January to May. Allocation of Cornell credit is based upon course selection and is subject

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