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The Summer Individual Project or Internship must be completed by August 15 during the
summer in which it is undertaken.

For information about Summer Study courses, consult the Registrar.

297/397. Summer Individual Project
Intensive study or research in a subject area not normally included in the regular course
offerings or further in-depth study of a topic encountered as part of previous studies. The
student works independently under the supervision of a faculty sponsor on a topic suggested by
the student and approved by the sponsor. Prerequisites: a writing-designated course (W) and a
minimum of 7 course credits completed, at least two of which are in the same department as the
project. (OP)

299/399. Summer Internship
See "Internships." (CR)

Off-Campus Programs

The College offers four different kinds of off-campus study and travel, and students may
participate in more than one during their career at Cornell. General information about off-
campus study, travel abroad, passport applications, etc., is available from the Office of
International and Off-Campus Studies. In order to be eligible to participate in any off-campus
study at Cornell students must:

1. have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (unless a higher grade point average is specified);
2. be in good disciplinary standing with the College; and
3. be in good financial standing with the College.

The Office of International & Off-Campus Studies will request the appropriate information from
the Registrar, the Dean of Students, and Student Accounts Manager to determine a student’s

Students are responsible for contacting the Residence Life Office to discuss how off-campus
study will affect their housing assignments, especially for off-campus study which takes place
immediately following or prior to any college break.

Participants are responsible for knowing the regulations in this section as well as those
governing their chosen program. By the act of registering for a program, the student signifies
that he or she understands and agrees to abide by these regulations.

Cornell Off-Campus Courses

Cornell Off-Campus Courses are taught by Cornell faculty members in locations
throughout the U.S. and the world. Offerings are advertised each year in the Course
Schedule. Students must register for Cornell Off-Campus Courses in the same way that

they register for regular courses. (See also Registration)

1. All Cornell Off-Campus Courses require an additional course cost that is not covered
    by either the regular tuition or financial aid. All published course costs are estimates
    only and are subject to an increase or decrease in price (not to exceed 10% of the
    original course cost) until 30 days prior to the start of the Block in which the course

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