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         SOC 102-4. Topic: Sociology through Film and Media
         The course is a version of Sociological Thinking (SOC 101) with a more specific topic
         focus. This course will introduce students to the discipline of Sociology through Film and
         Media. Sociologists study people in the world, looking at patterns, at differences, at
         inequalities. Film and media present the world to us in specific ways and shape our view
         of society. As such, media can be understood as a form of cultural practice, and in this
         course we will use media as texts to explore the social world. We will view, discuss, and
         analyze films and other media from a sociological perspective --examining the
         consumption of media, the cultural meanings and practices presented, and the social
         implications of such representations. We will also explore the extent and ways media
         reflects, heightens, and/or challenges social patterns, differences, and inequalities.
         Credit may be given for either 101 or 102, but not for both. Not open to seniors without
         permission of the instructor. (Social Science) DAVIS


         THE 160-1. Fundamentals of Theatre Design (FYS)
         Exploration of the role and process of design as it relates to theatrical production.
         Students complete practical exercises in scenic, costume, lighting, and sound design, and
         learn to critically analyze and respond to design work with the elements of design
         vocabulary. (FYS) OLINGER

         THE 317-4. Advanced Topic in Theatre Performance: Acting, Dance and
         This course explores the combination of movement and dance forms and techniques for
         the actor's process of character creation. (Fine Arts)

         THE 374-2. Advanced Topic: Theatre and the Arts (Chicago)
         The study of American art and culture, focusing particularly on theatrical performance,
         opera, and dance. Typically includes backstage tours, museum and gallery visits, and
         workshops with local actors, designers, and other theatre artists. Taught in Chicago at
         the McLennan Center. Registration entails additional costs. Alternate years.
         Prerequisite: writing-designated course (W) (Humanities)

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