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aesthetics and scenic methods of the era. Prerequisites: THE 201 and writing-designated course.

347. Theatre and Society II
This course will examine the history and dramatic literature of theatre in the modern and
contemporary era. Students will examine major dramatic forms and develop an understanding
of the underlying cultural, socio/political shifts and economic changes that informed the
theatrical movement. Questions regarding the use of theatre to support or subvert cultural
norms will serve as a thread throughout the course. Students will investigate the development
of performances spaces as well as the various performance techniques, audiences, aesthetics and
scenic methods of the era. Prerequisites: THE 201 and writing-designated course. (Humanities)

348. Theatre and the Arts in New York City
The study of American art and culture, focusing particularly on theatrical performance, opera,
and dance. Typically includes backstage tours, museum and gallery visits, and workshops with
local actors, designers, and other theatre artists. Taught in New York City. Registration entails
additional costs. Prerequisite: writing-designated course (W). Alternate years. (Humanities)

350. Advanced Theatre Production
Prerequisites: permission of the Department and appropriate coursework and/or production
work to fulfill the project. Available only as a tutorial. May be repeated for credit with the
permission of the Department. Offered upon request.

370-375. Topics in Theatre History and Drama
Studies centering on a particular nationality, period, playwright, or genre. See Topics Courses.
Prerequisite: writing-designated course (W). (Humanities)

485. Advanced Study
Advanced studies in the areas of directing, acting, design, theatre history, speech, or
communications media. Prerequisite: permission of the Department. Offered upon request. May
be repeated for credit.

715. The Rehearsal Process (1/4)
Participation within a semester in one major role in a full-length play or the equivalent. (Fine
Arts) (CR)

750. General Production Practicum (1/4)
Practical exploration of the production process in the areas of scenery and prop construction,
costuming, lighting, and sound. Requires three hours per week over the course of terms one
through four or five through eight. Hours are scheduled with instructor. (Fine Arts) (CR)

751. Scenery and Props (1/4) (Fine Arts) (CR)

752. Costumes and Make-up (1/4) (Fine Arts) (CR)

753. Lighting and Sound (1/4) (Fine Arts) (CR)

754. Theatre Administration (1/4) (Fine Arts) (CR)

964. Chicago Arts Semester: see Cornell-Approved Domestic Off-Campus Programs.

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