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and monologue study, class activities and performances, and paper/presentation assignments.
(Fine Arts)

160. Fundamentals of Theatre Design
Exploration of the role and process of design as it relates to theatrical production. Students
complete practical exercises in scenic, costume, lighting, and sound design, and learn to

critically analyze and respond to design work with the elements of design vocabulary. (Fine Arts)

201. Play Analysis
Study and practice of play analysis with an emphasis on exploring the potential for live
performance embedded in a written text. Students will learn to employ a three-tiered approach
to analyzing plays: textual/structural, dramaturgical/contextual, and creative/intuitive. Offered
three out of every four years. (Fine Arts)

206. Sound Design
Explores the role of the theatrical sound designer and sound engineer in the design and
production process. Course includes understanding the principles and properties of sound,
especially as a design element in the theatre; digital and analog recording; and editing, mixing
and playback techniques. Projects focus on the challenges and difference in recording, playback,
and the use of sound in theatrical settings and configurations. Recommended prerequisite: at
least one Theatre production participation credit (THE 750, 751, 752, 753, or 754); THE 753 is

particularly recommended. (Fine Arts)

216. Voice and Movement
Development of vocal and physical vocabularies for the stage. The class will focus on giving
specificity and simplicity to the use of voice and body for theatrical expression. Through the use
of dramatic texts (both prose and poetry), the incorporation of various techniques, the
exploration of the theatrical space, and the study of basic anatomy and physiology, the course
seeks to enable the actor to communicate with a greater capacity the energy, life, and limitless
possibilities found in story-telling whether spoken through the voice or expressed through

movement and gesture. Prerequisite: THE 115. (Fine Arts)

260-265. Topics in Theatre Production or Modern/Jazz Dance
Various techniques and processes explored in relation to theatre production. Recent topics have
included period undergarment construction, rendering, and mask making. See Topics Courses.

(Fine Arts)

266. Drafting for the Theatre
Instruction in computer-aided drafting for theatre applications. Focuses on scenic and lighting
design. Course uses AutoCAD. Alternate years.

267. Stage Make-up
Design and application of theatrical make-up in a laboratory setting. Practical considerations for
performance, aiding character development through careful design, and application of stage

makeup some appliqué technique are covered. Alternate years. (Fine Arts)

268. Scene Painting
Instruction in the craft of painting for the stage in a laboratory setting. Focus on duplicating
texture and pattern for large format viewing, faux finish techniques, and study of light and
shadow. Alternate years. (Fine Arts)

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