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within the Kyoto-Osaka (Kansai), Kanazawa, Hiroshima, and Tokyo (Kanto) regions of Japan.
Prerequisites: SOC 101, PSY 161, EST 123, GSS 171, or JPS 102. DAVIS (Social Science)

256-260. Topics in Anthropology
Selected topics of current interests in anthropology. See Topics Courses.

271. Women, Men and Gender Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Study of how gender roles are defined and reinforced in different societies, the social, economic
and political roles played by women and the options available to women within different cultural
contexts. Topics include the effects of war and/or military occupation on women, the trafficking
of women and children, socialization, aging, symbolism, religion, and culture contact.
Ethnographies, biography, videos, and discussions will be used. This course also counts towards
the GSS major. Prerequisite: ANT 101, SOC 348, SOC 366, or GSS 171. Offered every third year.
(Social Science)

280/380. Internship: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study
Courses 280/380.

290/390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent
Study Courses 290/390.

308. Ritual, Symbol, and Behavior
Exploration of theories and topics in the cross-cultural study of symbolic thought and
action. Emphasis on food and culture, death and dying, rites of passage and symbolism
surrounding the Japanese bath. Topics include secular and religious ritual analysis, ritual space,
time and drama, mythology, tricksters, social organization, and communitas. Prerequisites:
ANT 101. Alternate years. (Social Science)

311. Introduction to Archaeological Field Methods
Field course involving direct student participation in archaeological data collection through
excavation of buried historic or prehistoric site deposits. Standard archaeological excavation
techniques, recording of excavation context through mapping and photography, regional culture
history sequences and artifact identification. Registration entails additional costs. Prerequisite:
ANT 101, 105, or 110. Alternate years. (Social Science)

312. Medical Anthropology
This course offers an introduction to the cross-cultural study of illness, health, disease and
medical systems. We will look at how culture, political systems and economics shape
experiences of and access to medicine. Using ethnographic case studies we will examine cultural
understandings of pain, suffering, healing, and death as well as the contemporary challenges of
AIDS and emerging infectious diseases. Prerequisite: ANT 101, SOC 317, or SOC 368. Alternate
years. (Social Science)

356-365. Advanced Topics in Anthropology
Selected topics and current issues in anthropological theory. See Topics Courses. Prerequisite:
ANT 101 or 110.

483. The History of Ethnological Theory
Critical and historical study of theories of culture. Historical and contemporary schools of
thought and major trends in ethnological theory, along with seminal theorists. Theoretical

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