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485. Readings/Research in Sociology (1/2-1)
Student-designed individual research in selected areas. May be repeated for credit; however, no
more than one term of 485 may be counted toward the Sociology major or the Sociology and
Anthropology major. Prerequisites: two courses in Sociology, including SOC 101 or SOC 102.

487. SOC/SAN Senior Seminar
Course explores current theoretical and methodological issues in the field of sociology, and in
the interdisciplinary field of sociology and anthropology through the production of student-
designed individual research. Through this capstone experience, students will develop advanced
research and writing skills through the completion of an independent research project. The
project requires the integration of theory and research/practice through a qualitative or
quantitative research report, policy white paper, grant application, internship analysis, and/or
some other form of advanced sociological and/or anthropological writing. Prerequisites: ANT
483 or SOC 483, and ANT 484 or SOC 484. No S/U option. (Social Science)

511. Extended Research in Sociology (1/4)
Students will pursue an empirical problem through a new qualitative, quantitative, or mixed
methods research project or substantially revise and expand an existing research project. Over
the course of four blocks, students will engage in research design and implementation. Course
will require 2-3 hours of work per week. Prerequisites: SOC 484 or ANT 484, and permission of
instructor. (CR)

Anthropology (ANT)

There is no departmental major as such. Individualized majors may be developed involving
Anthropology and other disciplines, especially Art, Biology, Ethnic Studies, Music, Psychology,
and Religion. See Declaration of Degree Candidacy, Majors, and Minors. See also the
interdisciplinary major in Sociology and Anthropology.

Note: Students may not combine an individualized major in Anthropology with the
interdisciplinary major in Sociology and Anthropology.

Teaching Certification: Students who are interested in pursuing K-12 certification to teach
social studies should seek admission to the Teacher Education Program. See the Education
department section for application and certification information (pages 109-111).

Minor: A minimum of six course credits in Anthropology which include ANT 101, 483, 484, one
area studies course (ANT 205, 206, or 222 when taught in the Bahamas), and two electives, at
least one of which must be at the 300 level. Note: the Anthropology minor is not available to
students with a Sociology and Anthropology major.

101. Cultural Anthropology
The course provides a cross-cultural, critical perspective on human behavior and society. The
diversity of human cultures from nomadic food foragers to industrialized city dwellers is
examined, and the implications of subsistence, social, economic, political, and religious systems
for the lives of men and women are explored through readings, videos and lively discussions.
Students are provided with tools to more objectively compare other cultures with their own.
Emphasis on non-Western cultures. Not open to seniors without permission of the instructor.
(Social Science)

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